15 best TV show pets in television history

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6. Nibbler from Futurama

Nibbler is an interesting ‘pet.’ Early on, he hides his real intelligence from the crew and Leela. In actuality, Nibbler is a hyper intelligent Nibbolian that wants to protect the earth and his friends. All of this under the guise of a cute little innocent creature. Even after the crew learns of Nibbler’s true identity they still continue to treat him basically as the beloved family pet. On a useful note, his bodily waste takes the form of dark matter and can be used to fuel the Planet Express ship. Can your dog fuel your car? He is also voiced by some real voice acting pedigree, Frank Welker, who has worked in Aladdin, The Lion King, Big Hero 6, and a ton of voices in the Simpsons.

5. Scooby-Doo from Scooby-Doo

There are plenty of crime fighting dogs, but Scooby stands a little taller than some of those because he can talk and takes on supernatural foes. He isn’t the bravest companion on this list, often running the other direction from danger. Scooby usually comes through in the end though. Most of the time he is paired with his good buddy Shaggy and the two of them might as well be the same person sometimes. They both love snacks and they both are pretty much fraidy cats.

While Fred and Velma are always making clever plans, it is usually Scooby and Shaggy that end up capturing the crooks in some complicated incidental mix up. Pups like Rin-tin-tin might be better at solving crimes, but Scooby will make you laugh and split that cake with you too.