15 best TV show pets in television history

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2. Drogon from Game of Thrones

Do giant fire-breathing dragons count as a pets? Yes, I think so. Daenerys’ dragons do cause her some trouble when they eat random villagers and what not. We’d all still want one though, wouldn’t we? There are three dragons and the Khaleesi sees them all as her children, but Drogon is clearly the favorite child. She is like a cat lady that calls all her kitties her children. Except cats never won a war. The latest appearance of Drogon pretty much cemented the fact that Daenerys has the biggest and best army.

You’ll notice that the Stark Direwolves did not make the list because they rarely ever come through for them. I mean Ghost hasn’t been there for Jon since the battle at the Wall. Drogon isn’t perfect, he has left Daenerys hanging plenty of times, but him and the other dragons are the whole reason she even has a shot at ruling the seven kingdoms.

1. Snoopy from Peanuts

As far as I’m concerned the best pet on the list. He isn’t a dragon and he doesn’t talk very much because he doesn’t need to. Snoopy is a classic unto himself. He is a little dog with a big personality. Snoopy is just cool. It seems like the best pets know how to live a life outside of the time they spend with their owners. Technically he belongs to Charlie Brown, he kind of lives his life on his own terms though. Snoopy even kind of has his own pet in Woodstock. This simple little white and black dog lives a complex fantasy life as all sorts of amazing things. His red dog house often doubles as a World War I fighter plane in his imagination.

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Snoopy is pretty good-natured and loyal to Charlie despite his flights of fancy. None of the humans on Peanuts really get just how cool and imaginative Snoopy is. Charlie Brown certainly loves his dog, but even he doesn’t know how creative his dog really is. Snoopy has had a big impact on culture in general. He has helped sell insurance, Coca-Cola, and even had a blimp named after him. There is actually an award that NASA gives out called the Silver Snoopy award. It is a sterling silver pin given out to someone working in the space program that goes above and beyond in the pursuit of quality work and safety.