Supernatural Season 13: Who will open the rift from the alternate world?

Photo Credit: Supernatural/The CW Image Acquired from CW TV PR

Someone in the alternate world is expected to open the rift in Supernatural Season 13. Just who could it be?

Supernatural showrunner Robert Singer revealed more than it initially seemed about Season 13 at SDCC 2017. Hidden Remote learned that someone in the rift world will be part of the process of opening the rift again to get Mary out of that alternate world. The big question now is who that will be.

There are a few clues from the interview. Singer shared that it would be someone the show is bringing back and in that world. Unfortunately that means it can’t be John Winchester, as he is already confirmed dead in that world. This is a world where the Winchesters were never born, as it seems Mary never made a deal with Azazel for John’s life.

Could it be an archangel?

Fans already have theories about who will come back. Michael is a firm favorite at the moment, with fans crying out for Adam to come back as his vessel. This wouldn’t really be possible, as without John alive there would be no Adam Milligan either. However, that doesn’t stop Michael from coming into the show in some way. He would certainly be powerful enough to open a rift in time, and would likely want to get rid of the Lucifer from the Winchester’s world if he is around.

There are other archangels that are probably still alive in the rift world. Gabriel would be the easiest to bring back, as Richard Speight Jr. is still involved in Supernatural. The AU Lucifer would be another excellent option, opening the rift to get rid of his alternate self to avoid upsetting some sort of balance.

“When we go to the Rift World, it’s really about, ‘How to we get out of here?’ There’s one character that we’re bringing back in a really interesting way that is going to try to help open the Rift to their world.”

–Robert Singer, Supernatural EP

Will we see Rowena again?

Another theory is that Rowena could be the one to open it. While her fate in the real world is unknown, the rift world Rowena is likely still alive. She may have a hand in opening the rift from the alternate world.

Photo Credit: Supernatural/The CW Image Acquired from CW TV PR

This could work with Mary currently trapped in that world. She would look up people who have helped them in the real world, and Rowena is certainly one of them. Alternatively, Lucifer could be the one to pay Rowena a visit. He will want to get back to the real world with his son, and will turn to one of the most powerful witches he knows. Let’s just hope he doesn’t tell this Rowena that he possibly turned the other Rowena into charcoal.

Could Ruby or another demon play a part?

Demons are commonly overlooked. They’ve become slightly mediocre in recent years, but Singer said that a character is coming back in a “really interesting way.” This would suggest a character that we haven’t seen for a while. Ruby would certainly fit the bill and would be possible. After all, Ruby 2.0 was played by Jared Padalecki’s wife, Genevieve, and Ruby 1.0 is currently filming Arrow next door!

Another theory is that Bela Talbot could return. She would have made the same hell deal in this rift world and could certainly return as a demon. We’d need a new actress to play her, as Lauren Cohen is currently in The Walking Dead and Bela’s real body would have decayed too much now. With her interest in artefacts and new demonic powers, she may have enough to open the rift.

Supernatural Season 13 will see characters return from the dead without completely jumping the shark. One of those will help to open the rift, but who do you think that will be? Share your thoughts below!

Supernatural returns on Thursday, Oct. 12 at 8/7c on The CW.