The ONE problem Supernatural fans have with Lucifer

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Lucifer has been around for a long time now but have you noticed the small problem he causes every Supernatural fan?

Lucifer has been a long time on Supernatural. Even before he turned up in Season 5, he was talked about on numerous occasions. It was clear he was going to appear. Mark Pellegrino has brought flare, sass, intrigue, and much more to the character. While Misha Collins’ portrayal was good, nobody has been able to embody Lucifer the way Pellegrino has. Can anybody really imagine anyone other than him to play the role now?

Pellegrino has only been in 23 episodes, out of almost 300! He has been in less than 10% of episodes and fans want him to stick around. Yet, this doesn’t stop the one problem for the SPN Family.

He has become SUCH a frustrating character

Lucifer really has become the most frustrating character on Supernatural. Think about it. This is a character you’re supposed to hate. He’s the one that you’re meant to cheer when he’s stopped and killed. Yet, we love him every time he’s on the screen. Lucifer has become our guilty pleasure.

There’s only the SPN Family who can ask for Lucifer to return year after year. Only in the SPN Family does it make sense to say how much you love him and not have everyone questioning your morality.

WE know all too well that whenever he gets up to something people die. Your favorite character could potentially be killed off, and yet you get this initial rush of excitement when he appears. Even worse, we laughed when Lucifer mentally tortured Sam in Season 7. There were moments that were downright hilarious, despite our poor Sammy being tortured and broken. We couldn’t hate Lucifer for it!

It doesn’t seem to matter what he has done (whether it’s Sam losing his soul, Dean being tortured, Castiel being turned to dust) we still fall for it and forgive his misdemeanors.

Photo Credit: Supernatural/The CW Image Acquired from CW TV PR

It’s going to get worse

Yup, that’s right it’s going to worse. Lucifer is still around. He may be trapped in the Rift World for now, but he’s out of the cage. He will kill, maim, torture, and destroy. We’re not going to bat an eyelid every time it happens.

You know that’s true!

And now his kid is walking about, will Jack be like his dad and we will end up with double the trouble? Will we have a second character that we hate to love just as much as we do with Lucifer?

Personally, I love Lucifer, I think his character is great and that is a full testament to Mark Pellegrino acting. I just can’t deny the problem that causes for Supernatural. A character that was supposed to be hated (the big villain of the show) has become one of the best parts of it.

What do you think? Do you have a guilty pleasure with Lucifer? Let us know your thoughts.

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