Game of Thrones: Everything you need to know about Death is the Enemy

Kristofer Hivju as Tormund, Kit Harington as Jon Snow,
Iain Glen as Jorah Mormont, Joe Dempsie as Gendry – Photo 1: Helen Sloan/HBO via HBO Media Relations

Game of Thrones season 7, episode 6 is titled “Death is the Enemy” and we have everything you need to know about what that means.

Game of Thrones has always chosen its episode titles with extreme care. Sometimes episodes are named after book titles, like Season 6’s finale “The Winds of Winter.” Sometimes they’re named after songs we’ve heard, such as Season 3’s “The Bear and the Maiden Fair,” and sometimes they’re named after places and people, like in Season 5’s “Hardhome” or the Season 7 premiere “Dragonstone.” In almost every instance, the episode title has a sort of double meaning.

Last week’s episode  mentioned one of the location of one of the other castles that is manned by The Night’s Watch but we didn’t actually see Eastwatch until the end of the episode. This isn’t really a shock since of course Game of Thrones would hold off on giving us another battle between the living and the dead until the penultimate episode. For episode five I was able to give a bit of a geography lesson. Of course some of my speculation proved to be incorrect but it lead to our Seven Saviors (Suicide Squad? What are we calling them I’ve seen so many different names!) are heading off to bring back a walker to prove to Queen Cersei (Lena Headey) there is a greater threat to Westeros than Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) and her dragons.

There’s so much we could talk about! HBO took some time to reveal the title of episode 6. Even the promo photos had the episode titled as something slightly different. This was all done to maintain an air of mystery. Not an uncommon practice as we go forward into not just the end of season 7 but the end of the series as a whole. However, due to another leak the title is confirmed to be “Death is the Enemy.”

That’s right, there’s been another Game of Thrones leak this season. This one is though was done (kind of hilariously) due to an error on HBO’s end. Hang in there Game of Thrones fans. We’ve weathered leaks and spoilers before. In fact it probably helped episode 4 break a ratings record for the network.

Iain Glen as Jorah Mormont, Kit Harington as Jon Snow and Kristofer Hivju as Tormund – Photo 9: HBO via HBO Media Relations

It’s a shame though because I had so many fun things to talk about this week! The dynamic between the group of men traveling beyond The Wall. The potential bets on who is least/most likely to die. Speculation on all sorts of things like if we’ll see characters like Uncle Benjen (Joseph Mawle) again (I so hope we do, Jon needs to know he’s alive-ish)! Things are coming to a head as everything converges on this particular battle (which is really only a small part of the entire war). I’d love to talk about ice dragons – which is something I’ve been watching for in all of my recaps this season. But with the episode out there in the ether there isn’t much to say right now.

Jon (Kit Harington) said “Bad things are coming” and this next episode certainly has the stakes set incredibly high! The ragtag group has their work cut out for them and everyone has something to lose and gain going forward. Plus there’s all sorts of people and places we haven’t seen much of lately. Euron (Pilou Asbæk) and Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson) have been MIA since we saw the Unsullied take Casterly Rock. And there was no mention of where Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) or Theon (Alfie Allen) were in the previous episode despite spending a considerable amount of time at Dragonstone.

Still, penultimate episodes are a nerve-wrecking experience. There’s lots to be excited for. I remember all the anticipation surrounding the Red Wedding and that was downright harrowing for those of us who weren’t at all prepared for the death of so many major characters. Of course now we’re all old pros about the death and dying – something this season has been rather light on come to think of it. Ugh, I can’t think about what that means for this episode then.

There’s also plenty of anxiety because it means we only have one episode left after this one. Granted, last year’s Game of Thrones  season finale brought the house (or I guess more aptly the Sept) down so whatever happens on Sunday is more like part one of a two part finale.

One thing we know for sure is none of it was ever really about the Throne. Jon united everyone by pointing out that they’re all on the same side and they’ll fight together because they’re all still breathing – which is a completely relative statement because there is no doubt that fans will all be holding their breath! Winter is most definitely here.

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