Game of Thrones: Ranking the penultimate episodes from the worst to the best

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Vladimir Furdik as the Night King – Photo 6: HBO via HBO Media Relations/ Game of THrones

We rank the Game of Thrones penultimate episode from worst to best! Where does your favorite pre-finale episode land on the list?

Over the course of the Game of Thrones series we have learned to anticipate a few things. Favorite characters will die. And the episode before the finale will contain some intense confrontation and something incredibly shocking that catapults us into the next season. Generally, all of these things are mutually exclusive.

This is where the word penultimate comes in. It’s so fun because it sounds exactly like what it means. Not quite the end but almost and possibly even more epic than the season finale.

We’ve come to have certain expectations from these episodes. Some have lived up to these expectations. It’s not incredibly hard to appease a fandom. And yet, where some episodes have been critically acclaimed success, others have been such critically panned failures that they will live on in a special kind of infamy.

After season 7’s penultimate episode I began to wonder where exactly it fits within the larger series. Something pretty tragic happens but there are other episodes that are better and worse for all sorts of reasons. I decided it made sense to pick favorites. This is by no means a definitive ranking. It’s purely my opinion based on the series so far. So where does your favorite pre-finale episode land on the list? Join us as we rank the Game of Thrones penultimate episode from worst to best!

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