iZombie: Rahul Kohli reveals the key reason he’s against a musical episode

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Rahul Kohli dishes on why he’s against an iZombie musical episode and his thoughts on how the series could break new ground!

It’s no secret that the iZombie cast is full of musically inclined stars including its leading lady Rose McIver and supporting players David Anders and Aly Michalka. We’ve seen both McIver and Anders break into song throughout the show’s series and Michalka has had a series of hits with her sister AJ Michalka, which is why the cast and fans have expressed strong interest in an iZombie musical episode.

Just this January, Anders revealed to TV Guide that the cast has been lobbying for a musical episode but there’s at least one member of the iZombie family who does not want to see an iZombie musical episode ever come to fruition: Rahul Kohli!

“Honestly, I think they suck. I’ll be honest with you, I love karaoke so people who follow me on social media go, ‘You’re always singing. You’re dancing. You seem full of life.’ Cool, but this is a zombie show,” Kohli noted. “I know we can eat brains and do it, but I don’t think it breaks any new ground. We just joined another group of shows.”

Rather than join the group of shows to tackle the musical episode – a list which includes fellow CW series The Flash and Supergirl ala their special musical crossover – Kohli would prefer the show break new ground and even has a thought for how they could stand out!

“When Buffy did it, it was cool – that was fresh. It’s been 20 years since, why join that? Let’s do something completely different,” Kohli reasoned. “Maybe Liv goes to the supermarket and a hand pulls her through like the a-ha video and now we’re animated. Why does it have to be a musical?”

While we’ll have to wit to see whether Kohli’s disinterest in an iZombie musical episode affects the writers’ decision to have Liv and her fellow Team Z members consume the brains of a music theater buff or rock star in order to churn out musical hour, the thought of a musical hour is sure to remain on the mind of fans – and rightfully so.

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iZombie will return for its fourth season as part of The CW’s midseason lineup.

Are you surprised by Rahul Kohli’s stance on doing an iZombie musical episode? Do you agree with his position or are you still holding out hope that the series will one day orchestrate a musical episode? Keep the conversation going in the comments section below!