The Night Shift preview season 4, episode 9 Land of the Free


THE NIGHT SHIFT — “Land Of The free” Episode 409 — Pictured: (l-r) Luis Moncada as Romero, Eoin Macken as TC Callahan, Jill Flint as Jordan Alexander — (Photo by: Ursula Coyote/NBC) NBC Media Village

The Night Shift left us hanging with the fate of the hospital on the balance and a love triangle that needs to be solved stat! What will happen this Thursday in episode nine, “Land of the Free”?

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Heads up: If you’re not caught up with The Night Shift, spoilers are ahead…

"“Land of the Free” synopsis: TC (Eion Macken) and Jordan (Jill Flint) accompany a SWAT team on a raid and wind up with an emergency room full of sickened immigrants, including one with murderous intentions. Scott (Scott Wolf) pulls a dream team together to impress the Colonel in charge of setting up a combat training program. More is learned about Cain’s (guest star Mark Consuelos) past. Kenny (JR Lemon) shares some big news with the group, while Shannon (Tanaya Beatty) keeps something personal from Paul (Robert Bailey Jr.)."

Check out the teaser promo for “Land of the Free” below:

THE NIGHT SHIFT — “Land Of The free” Episode 409 — Pictured: (l-r) Eoin Macken as TC Callahan, Luis Moncada as Romero, Jill Flint as Jordan Alexander — (Photo by: Ursula Coyote/NBC) Acquired from NBC Media Village

Who will TC choose? Will he be staying at San Antonio Memorial? Will there even be a hospital to stay out after the hack attack? The Night Shift left us with those questions and more. But, first, TC will have to get out of the danger he got himself into. He’s always the first one to jump into action, isn’t he? And it looks like more questions are ahead before we get any answers.

Secrets are on the way as other mysteries are solved. The Night Shift gang will uncover the truth about Cain. All while we learn that fan favorite Shannon is hiding something. And is that the sound of wedding bells I hear? It is! But is it who you think it is?

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The Night Shift airs Thursday nights on NBC. Be sure to tune in!