Wayward Sisters: 3 theories about Patience Turner


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Patience Turner is the new girl in Supernatural spin-off Wayward Sisters. There are many fan theories about who she will be and what she will do.

There isn’t much that we know about Wayward Sisters just yet. What we do know is that we’ll see Jody Mills take on a motherly role yet again (after all, she’s a surrogate mother to our Winchester men, right?) to orphaned girls. We’ll see Donna, Alex, and Claire in the show, but there’s one new member joining the SPNFamily: Patience Turner.

Played by Clark Backo, Patience is the estranged granddaughter of Missouri Moseley and has inherited her psychic abilities. But what will bring her to Jody? Who are her other family members? Here are three theories about Patience Turner.

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She’s Rufus’ granddaughter

As soon as Patience’s surname was mentioned, Supernatural fans couldn’t help but pick up on it being the same surname as a certain other character. Rufus Turner, introduced in Season 3, became a firm part of the SPNFamily. His relationship with Bobby was hilarious and loveable at the same time.

Is it possible that Patience will somehow be related to Rufus? We never learned much about his family or whether he even had one. Is it possible that he was somehow connected to Missouri, maybe once married to her? Did his son or daughter marry into Missouri’s family at some point? Rufus was a bitter man at times, and losing his family because of the supernatural could certainly do that to him.

He may have lost his child and believed his granddaughter was dead too. Instead it turns out that Patience somehow escaped and was pulled away from her blood family. Is it possible she is Rufus’ granddaughter or is the use of the surname Turner just a coincidence?

She’ll be connected to the Hellmouth

Supernatural EP Robert Singer has stated that Wayward Sisters will be set in one place on a Hellmouth. Will Patience be brought in through a connection to this Hellmouth? Will her psychic abilities help to control something within there?

This will depend on the type of psychic abilities Patience has. Missouri could see the future (although that may have been her reading body language) and could sense spirits. Will Patience’s abilities be slightly more advanced?

Is it possible that the Hellmouth will help to advance her powers? She could become so powerful that she’s able to help take down the demons around, but this could also be a weakness. The Hellmouth could risk seeping evil thoughts into her mind.

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She’ll mourn her grandmother’s death

We know that Missouri is Patience’s estranged grandmother, but we also know that Jody takes in orphaned young girls due to supernatural events. This tells us that things aren’t good for Missouri. For Patience to join Jody’s family, it must mean that she becomes orphaned. Will this mean that Missouri will die?

Of course, Missouri may make it out alive. We have to focus on the “estranged” part. Patience either doesn’t know much about her grandmother or doesn’t really like her. Maybe her parents die but Patience decides being with Jody is better than being with Missouri. Even the older psychic may agree with that.

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It will be exciting to see Wayward Sisters. We’ll get to know a little more about Patience in Season 13, Episode 3.

What are your theories about Patience Turner? Share them in the comments below.

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