Younger season 4, episode 10 recap: Liza and Jay are a red herring, right?


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After waffling between Charles and Josh, Liza has opted to date dark horse Jay. But Younger can’t really expect us to believe this will work.

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You can never say that Younger doesn’t end a season with a bang. With two episodes left, Season 4 promises to deliver the most dramatic finale to date with a number of relationships up in the air. Will Charles learn Liza’s secret? Is Josh moving to Ireland? Are Liza and Jay really going to become a thing? Let’s break it all down.

As anticipation mounts for Pauline’s novel, Marriage Vacation, pressure also mounts in the Empirical offices between Charles and Liza. If nothing else, this book has driven, and continues to drive, a massive wedge between the could-be soulmates. Because Pauline has ulterior motives (a.k.a she wants her husband back), Liza has taken a step back for fear of wrecking their home. However, that’s not exactly what Charles wants, especially as matters get much trickier. One party divides Charles and Liza for good and reunites Liza with some old friends that we should only hope will be distractions.

When Kelsey drags Liza and Pauline to Manhattan’s exclusive women’s club The Nest (where Lauren currently squats, but that’s another story), they network with new contacts and run into ghosts from Pauline’s Upper East Side past. Before long, Pauline’s roped into a party in her honor thrown by her former socialite pals. No one is excited.

During Pauline’s party, miscommunication about Pauline’s intentions causes Liza to confront Charles, and it doesn’t go well. Yes, Liza prefers not to impede on a potential reconciliation, but editing Pauline’s book also happens to be an enormous opportunity for Liza to succeed in publishing. And Charles finally realizes she might be putting the book first. Yikes.

Another yikes: Liza runs into Caitlin’s friend’s parents (again!) and they narrowly tank her entire operation (again!). Leave it to Jay (guest star Aasif Mandvi) to swoop in and save the day. Of course, he sweet talks her into having dinner, which leads to a kiss. Younger ducked down a left turn no one could have predicted — specifically Liza.

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But will her relationship (I pause to use that label for them) with Jay last? It has to be a red herring, right? Just another detour on the road to forever happiness with Charles or Josh? Surely, this can’t be another pairing in the running for endgame. Not that she can’t fall in love with Jay, but it doesn’t seem plausible that Liza has the heart capacity for these feelings.

In all of her time waffling between the love of her life (Josh) and her soulmate (Charles), we haven’t seen Liza seriously date anyone else. Rather, she has been focused on the reason for her age lie: Career. While I applaud her for remaining (mostly) focused on climbing the corporate ladder, I think we can all agree that we’re invested in her personal life, and Jay’s not the one.

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Personally, I have nothing against Jay, and I suspect that most Younger fans also find him funny, charming, and trustworthy. But it’s Josh and Charles. Charles and Josh. Still, Liza doesn’t need either man, or any of these men for that matter, to be happy. But I selfishly want her to. Something to think about: She can only be her full self with two out of three of these men.

Meanwhile, Maggie repurposes the Google Earth nude image of her as a painting, and Diana gives Richard a deadline to get rid of his rowdy, tequila-stealing son. But the kicker? Claire’s work visa has dried up, and she must return to Ireland in one week. Is it just me or do you smell the perfect weather for a green card marriage for Josh? Perhaps an overseas move? It wouldn’t be the most outlandish plot twist currently going down on Younger.

What do you think, Younger fans? Do you like Liza and Jay together? Should Liza fess up to Charles about her secret? Will Josh find a way to stay with Claire? Sound off in the comments!

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