Narcos Season 3 premiere most shocking moments


Photo: Netflix’s Narcos/ Acquired from Netflix Media Center

Narcos premiered in the first weekend of September to find yet another enthralling tale about Colombia’s infamous drug cartels.

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The wait finally ended on September 1 for fans of the bilingual series from Netflix. After the downfall of drug lord Pablo Escobar removed actors Wagner Moura and Boyd Holbrook from the series, many critics and viewers questioned if Narcos would retain its entertainment value. More than half way through Season 3, I would say that the season is on par, if not better, than its predecessors. The story seizes its viewers from the start with a familiar face in Javier Pena.

Like the previous seasons, I have no knowledge of the history of Colombia’s drug cartels, so the moments listed below did surprise me whether historically accurate or not. I only knew that the series would focus on the Cali Cartel as well as that Javier Pena did not work this case in real life. Without waiting any longer, here is the official spoiler alert for the most shocking moments from Narcos Season 3, Episode 1 “The Kingpin Strategy.”

A New Deal

The Cali Cartel differed from Escobar in practically every way. So much so that Gilberto Rodriguez announced to all his associates that the cartel would surrender its business in six months in exchange for amnesty from the government. Gilberto, Miguel, Pacho, and Chepe all stood united in this ambitious plan. Fans might have expected a takeover of Colombia in areas such as Medellin and Bogota and the Miami market. However, Gilberto surprised all with the decision to remove themselves from a life of crime to pursue legitimate lives for their families.

Pacho’s Passions

The drug kingpins on Narcos all seemed to love money, women, and power. However, Pacho clearly demonstrated that he loves money, men, and power. I cannot recall a moment where the show portrayed Pacho’s sexual preferences in the past. Thus, this revelation certainly arrived out of nowhere as he danced with his lover in front of a rival to steal the show. Pacho’s dance moves definitely made his enemy uncomfortable as he stole the entire show. Next, the young drug lord claimed revenge against Salazar in brutal fashion. Pacho and his bikers tore Salazar’s limbs from his body as each man drove in a different direction. Pacho displayed two completely different sides of his personality that make him all the more interesting  character.

Photo: Netflix’s Narcos/ Acquired from Netflix Media Center

Red Herring

After Gilberto’s retirement announcement for the organization, many lieutenants voiced their displeasure privately. The Rodriguez brothers tapped these men to hear the reactions. As the men suggested betrayal, each leader took responsibility to eliminate these disloyal men. This entire scene acted as a setup for the enemies the men would face along with law enforcement. However, after Pacho’s theatrics, the show produced a flashy montage of each man’s murder as well as the strategy the Cali Cartel employed in its disposal of murdered corpses. Every criminal threat to their empire was destroyed in the latter moments of the premiere. Instead, a new threat will have to emerge to unseat the current cocaine kings.

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Narcos violently introduced its new villains as efficient and professional. The Cali Cartel looks to be a formidable enemy for Agent Pena in a new post with even more bureaucratic barriers in his way. The added complexity behind the new approach to drug cartels from the Colombian government poses a serious threat to the government’s integrity.

All seasons of Narcos are now streaming on Netflix. Be sure to tune in!