Supernatural Season 13: Is Crowley really dead?

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Castiel is coming back to Supernatural Season 13, but the same can’t be said for Crowley.

The Supernatural Season 12 finale featured not one but three character deaths: Rowena, Castiel, and Crowley. We know that Castiel is coming back. It would be silly for the show to get rid of him, considering fans kicked off when he was written out in Season 7. Rowena has a giant question mark over her head, but what about Crowley?

Is he really dead or will he come back?

Mark Sheppard has left the show

Unfortunately, Crowley really is dead. His sacrifice was final and supposed to be his redemption for the Winchesters. It was an odd one and didn’t really fit the previous episodes of the season, but it is what it is.

Soon after the Season 12 finale, Sheppard confirmed that he was leaving the show. He posted a goodbye message on Instagram for the fans, with many upset that this was the direction. Even when co-EP Jim Michaels said on Twitter that there was always a chance Crowley could come back, Sheppard made it abundantly clear that it wasn’t going to happen.

It isn’t very clear why Sheppard is leaving. Some theorized that it was linked to Creation Ents, while others believe it is something going on behind the scenes. The latest in Facebook groups, based on comments at conventions, is that Sheppard wasn’t happy with the lack of storylines for his character. While Sheppard offered some ideas, the writers refused to take them some Sheppard decided to leave instead.

This isn’t the first time an actor has been disappointed in direction for a character. Grey’s Anatomy’s T.R. Knight and One Tree Hill’s Craig Shaffer both walked away because they weren’t happy with their characters’ storylines. And Sheppard isn’t the only one disappointed by Crowley’s storyline. Fans have said for years that the writers seemed stuck for the King of Hell.

Crowley could come back in another vessel

While Sheppard isn’t returning to Supernatural Season 13, there is the option for the character to come back in another vessel. The EPs would be wise not to go this route. Fans didn’t like the idea of Lucifer being played by other characters, even when fan favorite Misha Collins took on the role, so they won’t like the idea of Crowley taking over.

Plus it would diminish Crowley’s sacrifice. Crowley said that a life was needed to close the rift. If he had faked his death (like he had on previously occasions) then the rift wouldn’t have actually closed. Crowley had to die and nobody has come back from being killed with an angel blade.

Do you think Crowley will return? Will Supernatural Season 13 continue successfully without him? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Supernatural Season 13 premieres on Oct. 12 at 8 p.m. on The CW.