The Good Doctor: Everything we know about the show so far


Photo Credit: The Good Doctor/ABC Image Acquired from Disney ABC Media

The ABC show is set to premiere later this month and with so much hype about the show already we dive in to take a look at what we know about The Good Doctor so far.

The Good Doctor is the upcoming medical drama on ABC this fall. The show is set to debut later this month and much is anticipated about it already.

Today we take a look at everything we currently know about the show and what to expect when it airs later this month.

Where did the idea come from?

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It may surprise you to learn this but The Good Doctor is actually a remake of a South Korean medical drama of the same name.

The show aired in 2013 for a total of 20 episodes and starred Won Joo, Chae-won Moon and Sang-uk Joo along with a host of other stars.

It was well received in South Korea with strong viewer ratings throughout most of its time on air and was nominated and won several awards.

What is the show actually about?

The show is to focus around Sean Murphy who is a very young upcoming surgeon who has been recruited to a very well-respected Hospital.

Murphy also happens to have autism and savant syndrome which puts the question forward can a person, despite being exceptionally bright beyond any others, who has difficulty communicating with others be able to work not only as a Doctor but as a surgeon?

The trailer released for the show demonstrates this question being asked that despite Murphy being essentially a genius others are not comfortable with the idea of someone with a recognised mental disability working in the hospital.

Who is playing who?

Freddie Highmore, best known for his roles in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as Charlie Bucket and the Bates Motel as Norman Bates, is to play the role of Dr Shaun Murphy.

Richard Schiff, best known for his work on The West Wing as Toby Ziegler and Man of Steel as Dr. Emil Hamilton along with a whole lot of other roles, is to play Dr. Aaron Glassman who is a supporting figure for Murphy.

Other cast members include Hill Harper, Nicholas Gonzalez, Antonia Thomas and Chuku Modu.

Where is the show set?

The setting of the show takes place in San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital, California, America. Filming, however, has been reported to have taken place in Vancouver, Canada.

When is the show on and where?

Set to air on the ABC network, Monday nights at 10/9c with its debut episode on Monday,  September 25.

Why you really need to watch this show

The Good Doctor is something you certainly need to give a chance as it will be asking some very tough, and most importantly, some very relevant questions.

Autism is widely known now with many of us being affected by it in some way or another. We are also becoming a society that is trying to become more and more accepting of others each day.

But, that acceptance is not without hesitation and concern and this is exactly what The Good Doctor appears to be about to explore.

You have an individual who is a high functioning genius but has autism. Now some of us will just shrug our shoulders and say so what, it doesn’t matter if someone has autism as long as they can do the job it’s fine, but there are others who would not be comfortable with the idea of an autistic surgeon no matter how good they are.

The Good Doctor is about to tackle those tough questions which despite being focused on autism in this case it can be applied to all other mental or physical disabilities, therefore, it makes it one of the most relevant and must watch shows out there.

What do you think about The Good Doctor? Are you planning on watching it, if s what are you most interested in seeing?