Supernatural Season 1, Episode 4 recap: Dean’s phobia comes out


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Everyone has a phobia. In Supernatural Season 1 Phantom Traveler, Dean finally told Sam his phobia.

If you ever wondered what the Winchester brothers are scared of, it’s definitely not the demons, ghosts, and creatures they face. Well, technically they’re scared but these are legitimate fears. These are the things that go bump in the night and kill (sometimes for no reason). But what about the irrational fears?

Supernatural shared Dean’s phobia first and it was in this Season 1 episode, “Phantom Traveler.” It wasn’t something many people expected.

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Like many Supernatural Season 1 episodes, “Phantom Traveler” opened with the case of the week. As a nervous man sat at an airport, we watched him get taken over by black smoke (that we now known is a demon). The man suddenly becomes overly confident and is happy to get on the plane. 40 minutes into the flight, he gets up and opens the cabin door, causing the plane to crash.

The Winchesters get a call early morning from someone Dean and John had previously worked with to get rid of a Poltergeist. This guy knows the pilot and doesn’t believe the plane crashed through natural means. When the brothers get to Jerry, he shares that he doesn’t believe there was a mechanical failure but the Winchesters need flight logs, the survivor names, and access to the plane wreckage.

The wreckage isn’t going to be easy, as Jerry has no access to it. It’s going to mean new identities.

Who do they become this time? Homeland Security, and it means new fake IDs and new suits.

Before they rush into the wreckage, they need to speak to the survivors. One of them shares how the man was able to open the cabin door mid-flight, which just isn’t normal. This tells the brothers that they’re definitely dealing with something supernatural.

Believing they have a creature, the brothers pay the man’s widow a visit. Unfortunately, the man is as normal as they can get. They need to dig deeper and the only way they can find out the truth is by getting into the wreckage.

Photo Credit: Supernatural/The CW Image Acquired from CW TV PR

While there, they find a yellow substance on the cabin door handle, so scrape it off to take it to Jerry. They also check for EMF, which is only around where the yellow substance is. At Jerry’s they find out this substance is sulphur. They’re dealing with a demon.

Meanwhile, the pilot, Chuck, goes up in the air in a little plane to get his confidence back. The demon takes over him and he crashes the plane 40 minutes into the flight.

Sure enough when the Winchesters visit the sight of the small plane crash there is sulphur. What they also find interesting is that both flights crashed 40 minutes in. There’s a history of this happening and each time there have been no survivors. The demon doesn’t want anyone to survive and is going to kill everyone who survived that he can.

There’s only one person in danger: the air hostess, Amanda. It turns out Amanda is due to fly and the Winchesters fail to stop her before she boards. They need to get on the plane to stop it in the air, and Dean isn’t happy. After all this time, Sam finally learns that Dean’s phobia is flying. Why else would he drive everywhere?

In the air, they find out that the demon has possessed the pilot and they need to get him to the back of the plane to stop him. Exorcist on hand, they’re able to do it but not without the demon almost taking the plane down.

At the end, Dean asks how Jerry had his number, as it’s new. It turns out John has switched a phone back on and tells callers to call Dean. John is out there somewhere and doesn’t want to be found.

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