How to plan the perfect This Is Us season 2 premiere party

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Photo Credit: This Is Us/NBC, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village /

This Is Us returns with its Season 2 premiere Sept. 26 on NBC, but how can you prepare the best viewing party? We have ideas for a menu, playlist, and — of course — the tissues.

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Unless you’re like Kate Pearson with Steelers games and prefer to go it alone, then you will most likely be calling on the moral support of your ride or die besties for the This Is Us Season 2 premiere. You know, the ones who don’t mind seeing you crumble into a blubbering, snotting mess hurling tissue after tissue onto the floor. An episode of This Is Us isn’t for casual acquaintances.

But why simply invite your friends over to cry together about the latest ups and downs of the Pearson family when you can make it a full-on party? Come for the tears, stay for the Thanksgiving cheese dogs! As we previously suggested in our five things to do before the This Is Us Season 2 premiere countdown, a premiere party is exactly what we need given that the newest piece of the Jack’s death puzzle will be dropped in the season opener. Yeah, we’re all going to need a support group for this one. Allow us to do the heavy lifting in planning your perfect premiere party with the menu, the playlist, and — of course — the tissues.

The Menu

Appetizer: Thanksgiving cheese dogs. Obviously, the annual Pearson delicacy must be present at any respectable This Is Us premiere party. Born in response to the family’s encounter with Pilgrim Rick, Jack created the random snack: A hot dog wrapped with melted cheese and dusted with crushed saltine crackers.

Main Course: Cheeseburgers and onion rings. If you’ll remember, Jack and Rebecca planned to chow down on the best cheeseburgers and onion rings in town prior to getting into that Valentine’s Day fight. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the greasy eats! However, you could also honor William with Memphis style barbecue pulled pork sandwiches.

Drink: William’s egg cream. Just about any drink under the sun could pair well with an episode of This Is Us. A beer, a glass of wine, anything. But William’s beloved egg cream will certainly hit the spot. We’ve tracked down a recipe for the beverage, and surely if you try hard enough, you can spike the egg cream for a little buzz.

Dessert: Banana muffins with Twinkie icing. As if any other dessert could be representative of This Is Us (expect maybe Neapolitan cake), Rebecca’s semi-homemade treat should be the star of the premiere party menu. It’ll take a little work, but if the younger Big Three can do it with one minute on the clock, we can, too!

The Playlist

Before the Show: Get excited for the big premiere with the official This Is Us soundtrack, which includes 11 songs from the first season that are guaranteed to make you cry. The soundtrack features 20 songs total, and one of those songs happens to be a new cover song from series star and all around music goddess Mandy Moore.

After the Show: We should all anticipate to be wiping our eyes and blowing our noses the second the episode fades in to the preview for the next episode. Since we will 100% be crying, diving back into the emotional songs from the soundtrack isn’t the wisest decision. Instead, try these 13 classic Mandy Moore songs, or throw on your current favorite tunes.

The Tissues

Over the course of the first season of This Is Us, it became a popular joke to stock up on tissues because the show is — spoiler alert! — a tearjerker. But the joke has sort have become a necessity. The Pearsons will induce the feels and tears, and it’s best to be armed with reinforcements. Grab yourself a jumbo box of tissues to pass around your premiere party. You’ll thank us later!

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Are you planning a This Is Us premiere party? What additions will you make to your festivities? Will you take our suggestions and use them for viewing parties throughout the season? Let us know in the comments, and keep the party going over on Twitter at @thisisuscrying!

This Is Us returns for Season 2 on Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 9/8c on NBC.