The Sinner season 1, episode 8 recap: Justice served


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The Sinner signs off with an emotional, but fitting ending.

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The finale of The Sinner begins with Cora still reliving what happened to Phoebe. While she remembers that, she’s still not sure what occurred afterwards. While they’ve been out, the body in the woods was identified as Phoebe. With that, Detective Ambrose continues the investigation into J.D., which leads him to a rented van.

Cora gets an unexpected visit from her mom. She explains what happened to Phoebe that night and how she never saw her sister happier. Her mom’s excuse for not looking for them was that she thought they ran away. Tensions are still high between the two and it adds to the emotion of the scene. She’s later given the chance to speak in court before her sentencing and has a little bit of an outburst. It doesn’t help (or hurt, really) her case since she waived her right to a trial. But still, to see her sentenced to 30 years for a murder she never planned to commit and after all that’s revealed feels a bit harsh.

Since there’s never any doubt about her guilt, everything revolves around the why of it. The finale provides plenty of emotional moments. A key one is when Cora gets to see her son finally. Mason brings him to visit her and even though she’s happy to see him, she’s aware of how visiting her in jail could affect him. She tells Mason it’s okay if the two of them need to move on from her.

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Ambrose takes Cora to Freddie’s parents place. Since there’s still a chunk of time unaccounted for, it makes sense to keep trying to fill it in. In one of the rooms, she pulls some cracked wallpaper to reveal some older, familiar wallpaper. In that moment, you know something happens at the house at some point.

Photo Credit: The Sinner/USA Image Acquired from NBC Media Village

In a flashback to the night Phoebe died, Frankie calls his dad to take care of things. He buries Phoebe in the woods and can’t bring himself to kill Cora. That moment is no surprise since we know she’s alive in the present. But what we do find out is even more interesting. Instead of dumping her at a hospital, he chooses to take care of her himself in their home. Although, he does keep her drugged up so she hopefully never remembers what went on.

In the end, Cora even gets a little justice for everything that happened to her. Instead of jail time, she’s remanded to a psychiatric facility and has a chance at parole every two years as long as they find her to no longer be a danger to herself or other. It’s not the happiest of endings, but it’s happy enough for her and her family.

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This show took twists and turns that were absolutely unexpected. We never saw much of Frankie’s dad until the final episode so for it to be him who kept Cora was a great choice. And it makes perfect sense, too, even to Cora when she remembers. Ambrose cared for Cora in a fatherly way, which is something she never really had. The Sinner boasts a fitting cast and some well-written characters, which make this show work. Not to mention, it keeps you on your toes the entire time. I’m sad it’s over, but it ended well.