Teen Wolf: 5 Couples that never happened… but totally should have

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Photo Credit: Teen Wolf/MTV Image Acquired from MTV Press

Teen Wolf gifted us with some of the greatest couples of all-time, but it also missed the mark by failing to explore these five potential couplings!

Throughout its six-season run on MTV, Teen Wolf managed to bring viewers some of the most iconic relationships in recent years. From the tragic love story of Scott and Allison which drove the heart of the story in the show’s early years to the will-they-won’t-they dynamic of Stiles and Lydia which kept fans on the edges of their seats throughout the years, the Teen Wolf writers managed to gift us with several incredible couples that we could throw ourselves into and support with ever ounce of our being.

However, for every incredible couple that took the plunge and gave into their feelings to see what could come of the spark felt between them, there was another pairing that never managed to fully come to fruition. Pairings such as the five explored in the upcoming slides which had the potential for greatness but were never granted the chance to flourish into something unforgettable.