Teen Wolf: 5 Couples that never happened… but totally should have

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Stiles & Erica

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While Stiles was busy pining over Lydia, he managed to miss what was in front of his eyes all along: Erica. However, it wasn’t until after she received the bite from Derek and underwent her transformation from wallflower to a confident “Catwoman” type that Stiles took notice of Erica.

From the very first scene they shared together post Erica’s transformation, it was clear that they duo had incredible chemistry and possessed the potential for greatness. There for a while, the writers teased fans with several will-they-or-won’t-they type scenes that only helped to fuel fans’ desire to see the duo act on their feelings. However, the writers had plans of their own.

Rather than exploring the relationship between Stiles and Erica and seeing what could come from the duo getting together, Erica was killed after being captured by the Alpha Pack resulting in us having to say goodbye to the incredible Gage Golightly and leaving us to always wonder what could have been.