Teen Wolf: 5 Couples that never happened… but totally should have

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Lydia & Peter

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why the Teen Wolf writers strayed away from fully exploring a relationship between Lydia and Peter (here’s a hint, he’s old enough to be her father and she is/was a minor). However, there was no denying that there was something special about the relationship and dynamic shared by Peter and Lydia throughout the show’s six season run.

Looking back at Season 2, it was the bond Lydia formed with young Peter (who of course turned out to be a figment of her imagination) that helped to bring Peter back to the land of the living. She shared a true spark with young Peter – even though we knew he was never really there – and  she had that same spark with the fully aged Peter we all came to know and love (or love to hate in some cases) in the years that followed.

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Had Peter been a little younger or Lydia slightly older, the duo’s romance could have been one of the show’s best but unfortunately the cards weren’t dealt in their favor.