Teen Wolf: 5 Couples that never happened… but totally should have

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Stiles & Derek

How can you have a list of couples that never happened but totally should have and not include Sterek?!

Thanks to their witty banter and the unique bond shared between the two characters, Stiles and Derek took the Teen Wolf fandom by storm and there was absolutely no denying that Sterek moments delivered some of the most iconic and memorable moments in the history of the show.   Complete opposites in every way, Stiles being the scrawny and dorky high school lacrosse player and Derek being… well Derek, the shared a special bond throughout the show and the chemistry of the stars portraying the characters only helped to fuel fans’ desire to see the two characters hook up.

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Regardless of whether or not you were a Sterek shipper, deep down there was always a curiosity of knowing whether the two characters could ever be more than friends and how their coupling could alter the show creatively. Unfortunately, for shippers of the duo’s friendship never blurred the lines into a possible fling but at least we’ll always have the subliminal Sterek scenes the show’s writers gifted us with over the years!