Teen Wolf: 5 Couples that never happened… but totally should have

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Lydia & Parrish

While we always knew that Stiles and Lydia should be end game for the two characters, no fan can deny the fact that Lydia and Parrish never exploring a relationship was hands down the biggest mistake the writers made during the show’s run! Lydia and Parrish managed to form an unbreakable bond from the moment they first met and the chemistry shared between the two characters burned brighter than Parrish in full-on Hellhound mode.

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For some time there, it looked as though the writers would give the relationship a try as they churned out several episodes in which the two characters were drawn closer to one another complete with close contact flirting and the inability to get one another out of their minds. Despite the build up for what fans presumed would be an eventual hookup – be it a fling or serious relationship – the writers dropped the ball and never allowed the characters to dive head first into anything even resembling a romantic relationship.