6 things Outlander changed from the real Battle of Prestonpans

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Photo Credit: Outlander/Starz Image Acquired from Starz Media Room

#2. The inexperienced British Army

Despite the British Army viewed as the best in the world at the time, it was surprisingly easy for the Scottish rebels to defeat them at the Battle of Prestonpans. While Outlander made it look like it was due to the surprise attack, the real battle had another element in play. The soldiers currently at the battle were inexperienced and some were invalids. They were definitely not the men to keep land secure.

There may have been a reason for using inexperienced men. Nobody was expecting the Scottish to sneak up on them the way they did.

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The main reason we didn’t see that the British Army was inexperienced (and some of them seamen) is because this was a story told about the Jacobites. The Outlander series is written from Claire’s point of view and she wouldn’t have seen the soldiers.