Supernatural Season 1, Episode 7 recap: Sam finds himself moving on


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It’s not been an easy ride for Sam up to this point in Supernatural Season 1. This is the first time he feels like he may be able to move on after Jess.

Hook Man” isn’t the greatest episode of Supernatural. It’s not the worst, but there are far better episodes, especially the first six of the series! But then all seasons have to have one or two that just aren’t quite up to par.

This episode does help Sam move on a little. He realizes that there is a chance for love after Jess, even if he’s not quite ready for it yet.

The Hook Man legend comes to life

The episode starts with a sorority girl going on a date. Her roommate laughs at the Martha Stewart look she has, and encourages her to wear a top that shows a little more skin. This does encourage the guy she’s with to try it on a little in a car.

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Things don’t quite work out the way the guy wants when the Hook Man comes to life. Lori (the girl) soon finds herself alone, with her boyfriend’s body handing upside down from a branch, as the Hook Man legend states would happen.

The incident calls the Winchesters in on the case. Pretending to be college kids, they turn up to the boy’s frat house to learn more about him. It’s the frat brothers that lead the Winchesters in the direction of Lori. Soon after meeting her, the Hook Man comes to life again, this time killing Lori’s roommate and leaving the message “aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the lights?”

Dean and Sam research the lore

As they realize they’re dealing with the Hook Man, they start to realize they may be dealing with a vengeful spirit. This means hitting the books to find out who died in the town and why. The Winchesters come up against a preacher who had murdered prostitutes because he disagreed with the red light district. The murder weapon was a hook that the preacher had in place of his own hand. The preacher was later executed for the murder.

Soon after, other preachers had been accused of murdering those of immoral views. While the preachers had plead their innocence, they were found guilty. The brothers realize that the Hook Man is carrying out murderous acts on those others have viewed as immoral.

Photo Credit: Supernatural/The CW Image Acquired from CW TV PR.

They initially believe that the Hook Man is connected to Lori’s father, who turns out to be a reverend. Sam tries to protect Lori while Dean salts and burns the spirit’s bones to get rid of him. It doesn’t quite work. While Lori and Sam talk about expectations and feelings, Lori’s dad is attacked by the Hook Man. Sam is able to save Lori’s dad, but it brings up a lot of questions about their theories and why the spirit wasn’t destroyed.

A search for the silver

While all the bones were in the coffin, Dean and Sam realize that the hook wasn’t. This is the thing that the Hook Man has become attached to. The problem is the hook was melted down and turned into items for the church. They need to burn anything and everything silver in that church.

As Dean takes care of that, Lori walks into the church and Sam talks to her. Lori is the one struggling with her thoughts and faith. It’s her who the Hook Man has attached himself to. As she starts to feel like she’s to blame for it all and she’s the evil one, the Hook Man attacks.

They never got all the silver. Lori is wearing the last piece of it around her neck. Dean is able to get the chain and melt it down, getting rid of the Hook Man for good before Lori and Sam are killed. The Winchesters are able to leave, as if they’d never even been there.

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