Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 5 premiere: Top 5 moments

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Photo Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine/Fox Image Acquired from Fox Flash

A look at the top 5 moments that happened in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 premiere.

They’re back, the Nine-Nine is back on Fox but are unfortunately still two detectives down as both Jake Peralta and Rosa Diaz are still behind bars for commuting and masterminding a whole host of bank robberies.

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Of course, we know they have been actually been framed for this and the real culprit is Lt. Hawkins. So, for now, Jake and Rosa are at the mercy of prison life while the rest of the Nine-Nine desperately try to exonerate them.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 premiere episode focused mainly Jake and Rosa’s predicament as they adjust to their new surroundings with the show introducing a whole lot of new characters for this season.

The episode was filled with many great moments throughout, however I am only here to bring you the Top 5.