Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 5 premiere: Top 5 moments

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Photo Credit: Brooklyn 99/Fox, Image Acquired from FoxFlash

Number 5 – Caleb the Cannibal.

In Jake’s efforts to become accustomed to his new life, he decides to make a new friend: Caleb.

They are already cellmates so it’s only natural for the two to bond and make friendships. There is, however, just one very slight issue with Caleb. He is a cannibal.

Yup, you read that right. Jake’s new friend likes to eat people.

Completely unaware of this minor detail until after they have become friends, this news of his crime comes as a bit of a shock at first but Jake accepts it for what it is. It gets even better as the episode progresses as Jake soon learns of how many people he has eaten but that there is probably a lot more than the police are aware of, his precise words were;

"“The seret is eating the evidence…”."

It then transpires that he is a special type of Cannibal, he is a cowardly Cannibal, that he has only eaten little children.

But, Caleb does not want this whole Cannibal issue to define him in any way. What he truly wants to be defined for are his woodworking skills.