Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 5 premiere: Top 5 moments

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Photo Credit: Brooklyn 99/Fox, Image Acquired from FoxFlash

Number 3 – Beef Baby

In the latter half of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 premiere, Jake attempts to get himself some prison protection by seeking out and joining a gang.

His attempt to sway them over with the skills he learned at an “ace the interview” type workshop do him no favors and several failed attempts later, including one with the name ISIS, he decides to track down Romero as a last-ditch effort.

Romero decides to let him join but only if he kills a prison guard. If you watched the episode then you will know that obviously didn’t happen as Jake convinced Romero to change his mind and have the guard fired instead.

As they agree on this Jake is given the nickname “Beef Baby” which I must add is the coolest nickname ever.

This choice comes from earlier in the episode when Jake smuggled in a very large amount of the standard prison currency of Picante ramen soups to buy a phone. It was beef-flavored that he had to get so hence the name, “Beef Baby.”