Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 5 premiere: Top 5 moments

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Photo Credit: Brooklyn 99/Fox, Image Acquired from FoxFlash

Number 1- Boyle’s new hair

So Boyle didn’t handle the stress too well at the end of Season 4. All the stress at the possibility and then the eventuality of having his best friend being taking to prison caused his hair to suddenly turn white.

He is still not coping with it this season but he is certainly on the road to recovery as he has decided to fix his hair.

Boyle dyed it, badly, so bad I am struggling to put it into words which is why I made sure I had an image of his new hair included in this slide.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine will returns next Tuesday, October 3 at 9:30/8:30c on Fox.

So do you agree with the Top 5 moments of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 premiere or can you think of something else?