Here’s what made us cry in the This Is Us season 2 premiere

Photo Credit: This Is Us/NBC, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village
Photo Credit: This Is Us/NBC, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village /

What made us cry during the Season 2 premiere of This Is Us? Besides everything, here’s the three scenes that brought the tears.

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It’s no secret that This Is Us is the source of most of our mid-week crying. And when the Emmy-winning hit returned for its second season, it slipped back into its usual habits of wringing out our tear ducts like there’s no tomorrow. Honestly, at this point, we’re indebted to Dan Fogelman, the writers, and the cast for the weekly cathartic ugly cry.

Picking up where the Season 1 finale left off (in the past, anyway), This Is Us caught up with the Pearson family and all of there latest dramas. Beth and Randall aren’t agreeing on the future of their family, Kevin and Toby are vying for Kate’s attention, Kate falters on her first attempt at a career in singing… Yeah, it’s a jam-packed house of chaos — and we haven’t even touched on the Jack and Rebecca of it all. It goes without saying that the Season 2 premiere made all of us shed anywhere between one to one million tears, but which scenes hit the heartstrings the hardest? Let’s countdown the three top crying moments from “A Father’s Advice.” (Spoilers ahead!)

1. Beth’s flashback with William.

Even though William passed away two episodes shy of the first season’s finale, we knew that he would remain an integral character to the series, but we didn’t know how he would return. TL;DR: We were markedly NOT prepared for the flashback to Beth and William. This Is Us rewinds to just before Randall and William leave for Memphis, and Beth opens up to her father-in-law/friend about her frustrations with Randall. Also worth a tear or two thousand? William’s throughline narration about a father’s advice.

2. Kate standing up herself.

We love a confident queen who exercises her agency, and that’s exactly what Kate becomes in the Season 2 premiere. After getting tangled in the tug of war between Toby and Kevin, Kate frees herself and proves herself at her audition. But as it were, they aren’t judging her age or weight. She just doesn’t have what it takes to be a professional singer quite yet. Looking back at the lows Kate had fallen to in Season 1 to her confident resolve to put in the work in Season 2 makes our eyes a little more than misty.

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3. Rebecca’s heroics and grief.

You’d think that learning that Jack (might have) died in a house fire would be the tipping point for our tears. Well, it didn’t help. But it was Rebecca stepping up to the plate and taking on Jack’s usual role as the superhero that dehydrated our eyes. Rebecca’s “get in the car” monologue finally highlights the dirty work she does for their marriage behind the scenes. Usually, Jack’s the one leading the pack, but Rebecca must take on that position of strength alone. Not to mention, that final shot of Rebecca looking at their burned house with a mixture of anger and grief isn’t for the faint of heart.

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