Shadowhunters: Matthew Daddario and Katherine McNamara tease Season 3 conflicts

Photo credit: Hidden Remote / Freeform

Matthew Daddario and Katherine McNamara talk relationships, conflicts, and laws of Fiduciary responsibility in Shadowhunters Season 3.

The first question about Shadowhunters Season 3 jumped directly into longterm relationship plans: would Clace or Malec be the first to have kids? “We have to figure out what’s going on with Jace first before anything happens,” McNamara said laughing.

“Jace is not ready, nor [are] Alec and Magnus… but we don’t know what’s going to happen,” Daddario added.

“You do get to see them in their relationships for the first time dealing with things that aren’t crisis, especially for Clary and Jace,” McNamara explained. “They’ve never really had a chance at a real relationship, but now that they do, you get to see them like a normal couple. You see Jace making an effort, you see Clary making an effort, and you also see their insecurities… it’s very human, and it’s very endearing.”

When asked whether Jace’s resurrection would impact his parabatai bond with Alec, Daddario was eager to share his thoughts on the matter. “[Clary’s] going to cause some problems for Alec because she’s not truthful and straightforward, and Alec is going to struggle a little bit with what exactly is going on with his parabatai because his parabatai is maybe not being entirely truthful either,” he said. “So again, Alec is living his life just trying to do the right thing and everybody is making it difficult for him, which is an ongoing theme.”

“But to that point,” McNamara retorted, “all we’re trying to do is protect Alec from being in as much trouble as we are because we know that—

“Do we have to go over the Fiduciary responsibility chat again?” Daddario interjected.

“I’m not talking what’s right or wrong; I’m talking from Clary’s perspective,” McNamara clarified. “Jace and Clary know that the secret is going to come out eventually, and that they’re going to be in massive trouble. They want to have as little collateral damage as possible.”

“You done went and used the wish to raise your lover,” Daddario argued.

“You’re parabatai! What did you want me to leave him dead?” McNamara asked.

Playfully rambling on in their first-person character debate, McNamara was also able to convince Daddario that she gets extra credit for having killed Valentine. “I’m glad he’s dead, but I also miss him because things were simple back then,” Daddario said. “It was just Valentine running around doing Valentine stuff, and now we’ve got all kinds of new problems, and that’s not good. That’s bad. That’s very bad.”

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Not only are the antagonists scarier, but there will also be more horror and suspense elements woven into the show. “I think it allows for maturity, which is really nice,” McNarama said. “It’s really fun for us to get to play in that realm.”

“Well, I’m not part of that. That’s you guys. I’m off with Magnus,” Daddario revealed. “I’m doing Magnus problem solving and you guys are off solving that problem.”

“You’re off playing with Javi,” McNamara added. “You’re off playing with demons. So I’m not sure what’s the better end of the deal here.”

Does this confirm that we’re going to see more scenes with Malec collaborating to fight their adversaries?! We sure hope so!

Watch the full interview with McNamara and Daddario below (and find out why Daddario is convinced Alec is the fans’ favorite Shadowhunters character):

Shadowhunters Season 3 will premiere Tuesday, April 3 at 8/7c on Freeform and on the Freeform App. Check back with Hidden Remote later this year for more information about the new season!