Legends of Tomorrow season 3, episode 2 recap: The lady and the tiger

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A new episode of Legends of Tomorrow saw the team reunite the Amaya as they hunted down a sabretooth tiger in 19th-century America.

This week’s episode opened with a more involved explanation of why Amaya (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) left Nate (Nick Zano). After seeing a new report about the 2017 Vixen (and her future granddaughter), Amaya decide to return to her own without saying goodbye to Nate. Ouch. Back in the present, the Legends used tech swiped from the Time Bureau to locate an anachronism in 1870 Wisconsin. While there, the team encountered P.T. Barnum (Billy Zane) and his circus, which was hosting a sabretooth tiger. After failed attempt to capture the creature, Sara (Caity Lotz) went back in time to recruit Amaya for one last mission.

After some cajoling, Sara convinced Amaya to come back with her. Amaya’s sudden reappearance prompted Nate to drown his sorrows a local bar with Ray (Brandon Routh) and Jefferson (Franz Drameh) in tow. During a bar fight, Nate used his powers in front of Barnum and drunkenly revealed that his friends were similarly empowered. That reveal prompted Barnum to kidnap Ray and Jefferson to serve in his freak show. Sara and Amaya quickly captured the tiger and learned what had happened from a severally hungover Nate. Amaya and Nate went to retrieve the guys, but were they were also captured by Barnum’s crew.

I get that the Legends whole deal is that they are a group of misfits, but they seem to have gotten worse. Even in the throes of heartbreak, Nate exposure of the team seemed incredibly reckless. It’s hard to reconcile the fact that this team, which beat the all-powerful Legion of Doom last season, got repeatedly outwitted by a bunch of crannies in this episode. Because it’s so egregious, I’m assuming the team’s newfound ineffectiveness is meant to contrast with the more organized Time Bureau but this is getting ridiculous.

“Your threats may work on Confederate zombies, Quentin Turnbull’s cronies and speedsters, but you don’t scare me”

While searching for her team, Sara noticed that one of Agent Shape’s (Jes Macallan) lackeys was spying on her and dragged him to back the Waverider. While stuck in a cage with Nate, Amaya confessed that she returned to her own time because Rip (Arthur Darvill) told her that if she didn’t, her granddaughter would never be born. Because the Legends continued presence in the era was presenting an increasingly significant threat to the time stream, Shape arrived to arrest the entire team. Predictably, Sara resisted. While those two got into a sweet stave fight, Martin (Victor Garber) and Mick (Dominic Purcell) attempted to rescue Ray and Jefferson.

Taking a water break from their fight, Sara and Sharp were attacked by the sabretooth tiger. After Sara saved Shape’s life, she let it slip that Rip had an ulterior motive for letting the Legends operate independently. To save a partially depowered Nate from being shot by Barnum, Amaya used her powers and went on an uncontrolled rampage. Martin freed by Ray and Jefferson by getting close enough to them to spark a Firestorm transformation. Nate talked Amaya down before she could hurt anyone. Sara forced Sharpe to disclose that Rip wanted the Legend’s help in fighting the mysterious Mallus.

In only appearances to date, Agent Sharpe has really grown on me. Her visceral discussed for the Legends’ haphazard methods is really funny. And she works as a really fun foil for Sara. The pair have developed a sibling-style mutual antagonism that really keeps Sara on her toes. Provided she doesn’t turn out to be a secret bad guy, I think she’d make a fine addition to Waverider crew. Since Victor Garber will be leaving the series later this season, I could easily see her (begrudgingly) becoming the new other half of Firestorm.

“Become the Man of Steel… That’s catchy. Make a note of that”

Claiming credit for the spectacle of the Legends using their powers, Barnum brought his circus into the black with the use of any slaves. Amaya confessed that she had lost control of her powers and admitted to killing a group of soldiers in her own time. Oddly, no one seemed particularly concerned about that horrifying revelation. Sara official brought Amaya back on the team so they could work on finding a way to help her. And because Sara wanted some extra help in combating Mallus. At some indeterminate point in time and space, a hooded follower of Mallus resurrected and recruited Kuasa into her cause.

While the show’s version of P.T. Barnum did make a lot of sense, it was a joy to watch Billy Zane in the role. He played the character with a blend of understated menace fast-talking hucksterism that was very entertaining. With Barnum’s appearance here and the toga party loving version of Caesar last episode, I’m hoping the show goes all in on goofy representations of historical figures this year.

For those not familiar with CW’s Vixen animated series, Kuasa is the older sister of the 21st-centry Vixen Mari. Like Vixen, she also wielder a mythical totem. Instead of possessing the ability to channel animal spirits, Kuasa’s totem gave her hydrokinetic powers. She was last seen dying in a battle with an evil fire totem-wielder. If I know my superhero comic book tropes, Mallus brought Kuasa back to life because they want to create their own evil version of the Legends. Given the low stakes and kind of unengaging nature of this season’s first two episodes, this new evil supervillain team can’t come soon enough.

Legends of Tomorrow airs on The CW Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

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