World of Tomorrow episode 2 teaser: Hertzfeldt returns

Emily Prime is back with Julia Potts returning as an evenly more emotionally detached Emily clone in the sequel to World of Tomorrow.

World of Tomorrow came out in 2015 and a sequel was wanted.  Well two years later Don Hertzfeld has given us World of Tomorrow Episode Two: The Burden of Other People’s Thoughts. Emily Prime is back, voiced by his now 5-year-old niece Winona Mae, with Julia Potts returning as an evenly more emotionally detached Emily clone.  She takes Emily Prime on another journey through a distant far-flung future.

The first film is widely considered as a modern masterpiece, however it is criminally unseen by the majority of filmgoers. World of Tomorrow can be found on Vimeo. 

As with his past work, Hertzfeldt clearly has his trademark humour, and science fiction leanings clearly at the forefront with this new film. In an interview with he says this of the title (which may give some indication as to a “plot”):

It’s hard to get into without maybe spoiling some of the plot, but the burden of other people’s thoughts is basically what I feel every time I log onto social media. The crush of it all. There’s more people broadcasting and standing on soapboxes than there are interested listeners. What’s driving that compulsion? The not being present in the present, in favor of cataloging and sharing every detail…

The teaser doesn’t really show anything, apart from Hertzfeldt’s trademark animated style and a snippet of dialogue.  We don’t currently have a release date either, so just keep an eye on his Twitter and his website,

In the meantime hunt down his other work (It’s Such A Beautiful Day is just phenomenal, it destroyed me).  His short Rejected, is embedded above. Enjoy!

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