LIAR advanced preview: Season 1, episode 6 The Marshes

Photo Credit: Liar/Sundance TV, Joss Barratt via Sundance Press Site

In the finale of LIAR, it would seem like life goes on. But Laura won’t give up so easily. Determined to find a shred of evidence, could things be headed for a violent end?

The penultimate episode of LIAR set the tone for  the finale. The six-part thriller has finally reached its killer conclusion. After last week’s episode ended with DI Harmon (Shelley Conn) turning up just in the nick of time!

Laura’s (Joanne Froggatt) attempt to incriminate Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) once and for all went horribly wrong but luckily, despite the trauma, Vanessa sensed something suspicious and drove out to the scene. The resulting confrontation was cathartic for both women (and the audience) for about half a second. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the victory moment we had hoped for because in the end they had to let Andrew go. With GHB still in his system the blowback would once again turn on Laura and there would never be any justice. Andrew would just get to keep hunting and raping women for the foreseeable future.

Except that Andrew had finally met his match and neither Laura or Vanessa is willing to give up without a fight. Fortunately, he can’t escape the police who arrest him in the hospital. The finale draws on several crucial scenes from earlier in the series to show how the characters have changed. Andrew looks downright dangerous facing off against Rory (Danny Webb) whereas later in the episode we see Laura walking on the pier less vulnerable than the first time when she walked toward the restaurant that fateful night. What else can you expect in Episode 6 “The Marshes”? We’ve got your advance preview below!

Photo Credit: Liar/Sundance TV, Joss Barratt via Sundance Press Site

Spoilers ahead…

There is a three month time jump. And it would appear that everyone is trying to move on. Vanessa’s wife Jennifer (Jill Halfpenny) has returned from her tour of duty. When she learns what happened, she feels terrible she wasn’t here to protect DI Harmon and she’s angry that there once again wasn’t enough evidence to secure an arrest.

Laura has tried to move past the anger and has even been seeing Ian (Kieran Bew), who you’ll remember from Episode 4. It seemed like the right guy, wrong time sort of thing so it was nice that Laura was able to reconnect with him. He’s incredibly understanding and even knows the full breadth of the situation. He also appeared angry and protective when Laura notices Andrew outside the bar. It’s disheartening that he’s not in jail, but what’s worse, there is a new woman in his life and Laura becomes invested in protecting her from him.

Check out the trailer for episode six, “The Marshes” below:

Spoiler Bits

  • Lookout for Charlotte (Laura Aikman), Andrew’s new girlfriend has a deception of her own.
  • 17 women were raped by Andrew.
  • The episode namesake is more significant than ever considered. The location is used for more than just those beautiful opening and closing shots throughout the series.

Lines to look out for. Can you guess who delivers them?

  • “It’s not over.”
  • “I’ll get them, if you don’t mind.”
  • “You think you stand above everyone and everything.”
  • “What is it you think I’m going to do to you?”

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