5 best Billie moments in Supernatural

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 Happy birthday, Lisa Berry! The actress is best known to Supernatural fans as the reaper Billie and will return to the show this week.

Billie the reaper (played by Lisa Berry) was certainly a formidable force. She wasn’t afraid of God, making it very clear that the Winchesters were against the natural order of things. Not only is Billie the reaper returning to the show this week but it’s also Lisa Berry’s birthday, so it only makes sense to countdown some of her best moments before her untimely death in the series in Season 12.

Fans may have only seen Billie for a handful of episodes, but it was enough to make a mark on the show. She wasn’t universally liked at first, but she certainly wasn’t evil. As a reaper, she just wanted to collect souls and bring a natural order. It didn’t matter that the Winchesters were excellent hunters. All she saw were two men who kept cheating death and she wasn’t happy about it.

Here are the top five Billie moments in Supernatural.

#1. Billie’s entrance in Season 11

Supernatural Season 11, Episode 2 introduced fans to Billie the reaper. Walking through the halls of the abandoned hospital, she sang “O, Death.” At the time, it wasn’t clear if she was friend or foe. While she sang the same song that Death was introduced to, it wasn’t entirely clear if she was just collecting souls and whether she was coming for the infected Sam or not.

The show has always been good at entrances, but this is one of the best. Billie made everyone shiver with anticipation.

#2. Telling Sam she wants to reap him

Just after the initial meeting, fans finally learn that Billie is just a reaper and Sam was dying. It was clear from the very first instance that she had been keeping track of the Winchesters, sharing her hatred for the fact that they kept cheating death. When the Winchesters died again, she made it very clear that she wasn’t going to let them cheat it this time. There would be no bringing them back from the place she would send them.

While fans wanted to hate her, it was clear that she was just going her job. Death may have been gone, but she was still doing the task he created her for. What she didn’t realize was that her words would give Sam an idea to cure his infection.

#3. When she offers the Winchesters souls

Despite wanting to be the ones to reap the Winchesters, Billie was also a helping hand. After realizing that they would need souls to destroy the darkness, the Winchesters go to Waverly Hills Sanatorium to look for ghostly help. Interested, Billie does some digging to find out what they really want.

She could have left them to their doomed task. Instead, she offers help. After all, who better to get souls than a reaper? This was the moment fans realized that Billie wasn’t evil and just had a job. She was Switzerland in a sense when it came to the Earthly war, but that didn’t mean she was willing to see the Earth destroyed. No Earth, no souls to reap.

#4. After confirming the reaper rules

There was always the fear that Billie would eventually take one of the Winchesters’ lives herself. However, Supernatural Season 12 confirmed the reaper rules. After helping Dean again, she wanted to claim a soul in return. That soul was Mary Winchester, since she whole-heartedly believed “what’s dead should stay dead” and in this case she is willing to get Mary’s soul to Heaven.

When Billie confirms that she can’t kill anyone to take a soul, Mary refuses. There are no arguments from Billie, but she makes it clear that she is there when one of them decides they want to end it. The best part of this is that fans got confirmation that Billie was just playing by the reaper rules and could definitely be trusted when called up.

#5. Helping the Winchesters a final time

When the Winchesters find themselves locked in a secret federal facility, Dean makes a choice to call on Billie. He needs her help to get out, putting his trust in her when he suggests that she kills him and Sam temporarily to help them escape. With the deal bound in blood, Billie lives up to her end of the bargained.

She’s soon betrayed, but not by the Winchesters. It’s Castiel who literally stabs Billie in the back to prevent any of the Winchesters being taken.

Photo Credit: Supernatural/The CW/Katie Yu Image Acquired from CW TV PR

Supernatural Season 13, Episode 5 is to have Billie return to help the Winchesters unexpectedly. However, will this be the same Billie we know? Will she gain a new understanding that sometimes bring people back from the dead is a good thing?

Do you agree with this list of best Billie moments? Share your favorite moments of the reaper in the comments below.

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