Outlander: Top 5 Moments from season 3, episode 11 Uncharted

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From talking to a coconut to facing off against a snake what was your top moment from Outlander’s latest episode, Uncharted?

After escaping her captives aboard the Porpoise and washing ashore on a potentially deserted island, it looked pretty bleak for Claire in Outlander, “Uncharted.” Thankfully, due to her resilience and a little bit of luck, she managed to reunite herself with Jamie.

There were plenty of moments that had you wondering where things were going. Would Claire survive her treck in the jungle? Was she going to be held captive again? But, despite the very bleak start, the episode ended on high for both Claire and Jamie.

Here are your top 5 moments from Outlander, “Uncharted.”

A quick warning before we get underway if you haven’t seen the episode yet you may want to exit now as this article will contain spoilers. You have been warned!

Photo Credit: Outlander/Starz, Image Acquired from Starz Media Room

5) Claire and the snake

It was a miserable journey for Claire as she sought civilisation and passage to Jamaica. As she walked through the jungle, conscious of the knowledge she would become weak from thirst, what she did not take into account was the creatures lurking amongst her.

She got her first taste of that when she awoke from her first night’s sleep. Covered in ants biting away at her legs it sends a shiver up your spine just thinking about it. That was the easy encounter; her next one would terrify even the bravest of souls.

When Claire awoke from her sleep the next time she was not covered in ants, but instead an extremely large snake slithering across her chest. All she could do was lay there, petrified and wait for the snake to move on.

What you may not have realised is that this was not fancy special effects or a stunt double or anything like that. It was all real; Caitriona Balfe shot that scene herself, with a real snake and that why this is the entry spot on your top moment’s list.

4) Mr Willoughby’s apology

Who amongst you is not growing to love Mr. Willoughby with each passing episode?

Claire and Jamie would certainly be lost without him and in ‘Uncharted’ they would still be apart if not for him. When Claire learns that a Chinaman stole one of her host’s goats to eat she begins to ask more details about him and his company and puts two and two together. Jamie is nearby.

Photo Credit: Outlander/Starz, Image Acquired from Starz Media Room

After a mad dash and some survival training usage, she has reunited with Jamie once again. But, if it wasn’t for Mr. Willoughby stealing goats this would not have happened. And how is he repaid, by having to apologise for his actions?

Bless, you couldn’t help but laugh and feel sorry for him as he stood before Father Fogden, the man he stole the goat from, apologising. He looked like a small boy being scolded for dipping his hands in the cookie jar with a look of, ‘Why? Why, do I have to say sorry?’

3) Mr Coco

If the love of your life died and left you alone with nothing but your grieve you may go slightly mad too. Father Fogden’s coping mechanism for losing his beloved was to form a relationship with a coconut, or Mr. Coco as he called it.

Claire, desperate to leave and get to Jamaica was getting more and more desperate by the day and took matters into her own hands, she consulted with Mr. Coco. Father Fogden woke to hear the two have a very deep and meaningful discussion.

You couldn’t help but laugh at not only the bizarre situation but also how awkward Claire appeared talking to the Mr. Coco.

2) Marsali, a bride anxious to wed

With everything that had gone on and everything that is still to come, Jamie certainly had the right idea of having a happy moment, and what better than a wedding. Marsali and Fergus had Jamie’s blessing and Claire knew of someone who could wed them.

Oh, and what a wedding it was. You certainly wanted to be there as Father Fogden mistook the groom for someone else and questioned Fergus over his penis. But, the best part was Marsali, desperate to finally wed Fergus and as she put it;

“Bed him.”

Taking matters into her own hands Marsali was a moment all to herself, as she put Father Fogden in his place several times and made many references to what she and Fergus would get up to afterwards making everyone look a bit awkward, especially the Father.

1) Fergus and his name

The number one moment, however, is Fergus and his name. Did you have any doubt this wouldn’t be the number 1 spot?

You immediately felt pity for Fergus when asked by Father Fogden what his full name was and all he could say was Fergus. Unsure what to do and looking very sheepish Jamie shouts out that his full name is in fact, Fraser, Fergus Claudel Fraser.

You immediately went from feeling pity for Fergus to joy as we all recognised that even though he was not Claire and Jamie’s biological son that it did not matter to them. That this small pickpocket from France is indeed their son, biological or not.

So what was your favourite moment? Do you agree with this list? Leave a comment below with your thoughts below.

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