American Gods showrunners exit: What next?

Photo of American Gods/Acquired from Starz

American Gods was one of the best new TV series of 2017. Part of that was due to the performances of Ian McShane and Ricky Whittle, and part of that was down to showrunners Michael Green and Bryan Fuller. However, news broke that Fuller and Green will be leaving as showrunners for season two due to disagreements over budget with producers Freemantle Media. What happens next for the show? And for Michael Green and Bryan Fuller?

Visually stunning and much like Bryan Fullers Hannibal, American Gods mixed intriguing storytelling with breathtaking cinematography. It debuted to strong ratings back in April, and a second season was promptly commissioned by Starz. Where it gets interesting is that according to

Deadline, “budget had ballooned to Game of Thrones levels“. This will be where communcation between Green, Fuller and FreeMantle broke down.

Most of the scripts for season 2 had been written, and it would be a good guess to suggest that some of the directors involved in season one would return. Neil Gaiman, the author of the original novel who had been working closely with Fuller and Green, posted this on Twitter in response to a fan question asking what the status of the show would be:

Obviously at this early stage it is unclear what will happen to the show in terms of tone, but it would be a very unwise move for FreeMantle Media and Starz to change the show where it would become unrecognisable from its previous season. This would annoy fans of the show (which in turn could lead to lower ratings), or annoy the actors who you would have thought signed on mainly to work with Fuller and Green.

Michael Green is developing Y: The Last Man for FX and a sequel for Murder on the Orient Express entitled Death on the Nile.

In terms of future projects for Bryan Fuller he is working the reboot of the Amazing Stories for Apple.

For Hannibal fans, this news would have thrown up all kinds of flags. Namely that for a number of years Fannibals (as they like to be called) have known that Bryan Fuller wanted to adapt The Silence of the Lambs for the shows hypothetical fourth season the rights of which were held up at MGM until earlier this year. It is worth noting here that the schedules of all the actors involved would need to line up for that fourth season to happen.

American Gods season 2 will air on Starz in 2018.