Legion of Collectors November 2017 unboxing: Justice League

Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures via WB Media Pass/ Justice League

This November, DC’s Legion of Collectors bi-monthly subscription service shifted its focus onto the latest DC cinematic release with a box dedicated to the heroes & villains of Justice League.

After focusing on the most notorious villains of DC Comics back in September, Funko’s Legion of Collectors’s bi-monthly subscription service shifted its focus onto the latest DC cinematic offering: Justice League. With the biggest DC Comics characters to choose from, Funko was given the freedom to honor the team of superheroes through a wave of offerings which pulled inspiration from the likeness of the characters from the film, rather than their comic book counterparts.

Just what goodies awaited us within this month’s box and how exactly did Funko manage to draw inspiration from the various Justice League characters we all know and love? Join me know as we take a look at the November Legion of Collectors box to explore what offerings awaited us in this month’s box!

Warning: The following post contains spoilers regarding the items within the November 2017 Legion of Collectors box. If you have not yet received your box and want to avoid spoilers this is where you should leave us.

Flash Notepad

Photo Credit: Hidden Remote

I’m not sure how exactly to feel about this particular item. I’ve been championing the inclusion of more unique items and the design of the pad is fun and eye-catching. However, I don’t know that I’ll be using them for notes as I don’t want to blow through them within a week or two and end up notepad-less.

Aquaman Pop! Figure

True fact: I have not bought a single Aquaman Funko product simply because I have not been able to get into the character and the changes made to the Aquaman I know from the comics, animated series, etc. However, had I seen this particular Pop! figure in stores, I would have instantly picked it up to add to my collection. I love the movement the water brings to the figure which makes it feel unique and stand out among the rest of my collection. These are the types of Pop! figures I expect from the Funko subscription services!

Steppenwolf Pop! Figure

I’ll be blunt. I have no clue who Steppenwolf is and this Pop! does absolutely nothing for me. With all of the incredible heroes in the film, I would have much rather been treated to a new exclusive Cyborg or Flash Pop! over one of a character I care nothing about…

Justice League T-Shirt

Photo Credit: Hidden Remote

Keeping with tradition, this month’s box included a new t-shirt inspired by the theme and I’ll be honest in admitting that this shirt has me split. It’s definitely not the most uniquely designed shirt we’ve seen included in a Legion of Collectors box, but it’s also far from the worst. It’s design is simple, but it does a good job a making sure to touch on each of the movie’s key players by drawing inspiration from their live-action counterparts. It’s a decent shirt, I just which that Funko would have perhaps went with more vibrant colors or chose to go with the Pop! Tee to add a little spice to the shirt’s design.

Wonder Woman Pop! Tumbler

Photo Credit: Hidden Remote

Perhaps the standout item in this month’s box is the Wonder Woman Pop! Tumbler. I feel like a broken record at this point, but I’m loving the incorporation of more diverse items in Funko’s various subscription services as it helps to add an extra element of fun to opening each month’s box. Sure I still love seeing old favorites like the Pop! figures, Dorbz figures and Mystery Minis appear, but I’m enjoying the variety being brought to party with items such as the tumbler.

This is an item I can see being one Wonder Woman fans seek out online if they missed the Justice League box as it features a fun design and is the perfect way to show off your love for the character in your everyday life.

Final Look – Is It Worth It?

Photo Credit: Hidden Remote

Each new DC Legion of Collectors box promises to provide subscribers with a box filled with $50 worth of exclusive, high-quality DC and Funko collectible products. With this in mind, let’s take a quick look at the estimated retail value of each of this month’s items (NOTE: Estimated prices based off of Amazon product listings):

  • Batman Pin: $5-$7
  • Flash Notepad: $5-$7
  • Aquaman Pop! Figure: $15-$25
  • Steppenwolf Pop! Figure: $15-$25
  • Justice League T-Shirt: $20-$25
  • Wonder Woman Pop! Tumbler: $10-$12

Looking at the box as a whole, it’s about as underwhelming as Justice League itself was as a film with a few highlights but an overall disappointing end result.

While we love the inclusion of more diverse items such as the Wonder Woman Pop! Tumbler which is sure to be a fan-favorite, The Flash Pop! notepad didn’t leave us as in love. The same goes for the month’s Pop! figures. The Aquaman Pop! design hit all of the right notes while the Steppenwolf Pop! fell flat, largely due to the overall lack of interest in the character. Then you have the shirt which features a fun design but just lacks that oomph that have made other Funko Legion of Collectors shirts stand out among other merchandise.

Up next is a box dedicated to the Teen Titans which we hope will kick off 2018 on a strong note and serve as a nice rebound from the Justice League box.

For subscription information and more information on DC’s Legion of Collectors visit LegionofCollectors.com today!

Disclosure: Hidden Remote was provided with a free November 2017 DC Legion of Collector box for the purposes of this review.