Supernatural season 13, episode 8 sneak peek: A demon wants to make a deal

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Barthamus calls the Winchesters with the offer of a deal in Supernatural’s Scorpion and the Frog.

When a demon asks the Winchesters for a favor, they’re not usually interested. However crossroads demon Barthamus has an offer they just can’t refuse. He wants some help stealing a trunk and in return he’ll give the brothers the full locator spell to track a nephilim.

The Supernatural season 13, episode 8 sneak peek brings the Winchesters to a diner. The demon, Barthamus, has taken over Crowley’s position as the crossroads demon and wants to naturally make a deal. To help sweeten the pot, he has an offer of cherry pie. However, it’s not enough, although Dean isn’t going to say no to pie.

Unluckily for the Winchesters, this particular crossroads demon knows how to get the Winchesters to help. He turns to younger brother Sam, who is usually the ones to give a deal a chance.

There is one thing to say with the sneak peek: Supernatural isn’t bringing the British Men of Letters back. And this crossroads demon isn’t even British (although David Cubitt’s English accent does come through now and then). That will be a relief to many.

The title “Scorpion and the Frog” is starting to make a little more sense. While Barthamus knows the Winchesters are his best chance at getting his trunk, he may not be able to fight against his demonic nature. Although as a crossroads demon, once he makes a deal it should be in his nature to stick to that deal.

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Check out the full sneak peek for the episode below.

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