Avengers: Infinity War trailer reveals Thanos has an army made of Outriders


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With the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War finally out, we now know what’s in store for the Avengers when they collide with Thanos’ new army, The Outriders.

Up until recently, there was no information on what kind of troops Thanos would recruit to invade Earth in Avengers: Infinity War. We knew early on that the Black Order would be acting on Thanos’ behalf, but there were no clues towards the type of army they’d have in tow. Now however, we know the Outriders will be that army.

In the trailer, the Outriders make a brief appearance as they run towards a fight with the New Avengers. A massive wave of the Outriders trample over the plains of Wakanda, setting the stage for a battle of epic proportions. Only a glimpse at Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and Black Panther show them fighting the Outriders, but it’s obvious the two sides are going to clash in a major way. The question is, how much of a challenge will the Outriders present for the New Avengers?

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What Do The Comics Say About The Outriders?

For more insight into the alien race of Outriders, a look at their comic counterpart will provide us with some info on who they are.

In the comics, the Outriders are an alien race of genetically created soldiers. Their sole purpose in living is to obey the commands of the person who created them. Corvus Glaive, a member of Thanos’ Black Order is usually the person in charge of the Outriders.

As far as abilities go, the Outriders don’t just have four massive arms to strike at their opponents with. They also possess telepathic abilities which allow them to read people’s minds through touch. Of course, access to the minds of others requires that the Outriders sink their hands into the skulls of their subject. And, they can turn themselves invisible, as well as intangible.

Will The Outriders Be Identical To Their Comic Counterpart?

With the Outriders’ comic history noted, it’s probably fair to say the MCU’s depiction will share some similarities. The Outriders’ do seem to possess a common look, so there’s a good chance they’ll share more than just the same outward appearance. That said, we’ll have to wait until we get a more detailed look at the Outriders to determine whether or not they possess abilities kin to the comics.

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Avengers: Infinity War opens in theaters on May 4, 2018.

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