Gotham: 10 actors who are better suited to play Batman

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Photo Credit: Gotham/Fox, Image Acquired via Fox Flash

If Gotham were to elect to do a time jump and age up Bruce Wayne, here are ten actors who could potentially be a great fit for the role.

In the current iteration of Batman, we have David Mazouz playing the character on Gotham. However, while he works well as a teenage Bruce Wayne, we’d like to see the show make a leap with the character that would require a change in the casting.

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Myself and Cody Schultz are going to dive into 10 actors who could take on the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. While on our search for the perfect fit, we made some criteria to narrow down the search. The actor has to be able to play a mid-20s character and they must be around 6’0″ tall, at least. Batman has a presence that makes it feel like he’s constantly towering over people so a few had to be cut due to not quite meeting the height requirement.