7 things you didn’t know about Misha Collins

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Unless you’re a Supernatural super fan, you’re not going to know everything about Misha Collins.

Castiel was only supposed to be in three episodes of Supernatural. The storyline of him becoming best friend and aid to the Winchesters during the apocalypse was supposed to go to Anna Milton. In the end, Castiel made such an awesome impression that he took over the role.

Misha Collins had no idea that he was actually auditioning for an angel on the show. He just thought it was another demon, since Eric Kripke wanted to keep this storyline completely secret.

But you already knew that right? I’ve shared that piece of information multiple times, so if you’ve read previous stuff on here you would have known it. What about the things you didn’t know about the amazing and kind actor? Here’s seven things not everyone knows.

Raising money for Haiti kick started Random Acts

While you’ll likely already know that Misha Collins has a charitable organization called Random Acts, do you know how it all started? The charity dates back to 2009, when Collins felt the urge to raise money for those in Haiti after disaster struck. He turned to Twitter for that help, where he raised $30,000.

Collins was inspired from those acts of kindness from his fellow Twitter users that he wanted to encourage more “random acts of kindness” and a charity was born.

Collins was arrested for an ‘attempted bank robbery’

Everyone likely knows that Collins likes to read. When he realized he didn’t have a book lamp with him, he looked around for a good source of light. Cue the decision to go on top of a bank, where there was an excellent light source. Unfortunately, the police didn’t realize that he was just an innocent man making a slightly questionable decision.

Police and a helicopter showed up and subsequently arrested him for attempting to rob the bank. Thankfully he was able to explain the situation and got out a day later. He only got a couple of pages into his book.

He’s played a real-life serial killer

Many actors have taken on dark roles, and Collins is one of them. However, one of his dark roles has been the portrayal of a real-life serial killer in the movie Karla. It’s a disturbing movie that Collins has said was scary and uncomfortable filming. It’s one of the worst films he’s done.

If you’re thinking of watching just for Collins’ acting, he doesn’t recommend it at all. Nor does he really want fans to see that side to him.

Collins interned at the White House

You’ll see a lot of politically-inspired tweets from the actor. That’s completely normal and understandable when you realized that he interned at the White House during Bill Clinton’s presidency.

The internship was supposed to be a chance to get into politics. In the end, he changed his mind about that career. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d vote for President Misha.

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He wanted to be in Star Wars

Back when George Lucas was casting for the Star Wars prequel, Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Collins went for the role of Anakin Skywalker. The role would eventually for to Hayden Christensen, although maybe Collins would have done a better job in the role.

Why didn’t he get it? Well, before interviewing with Lucas, Collins decided to take a walk around the grounds. He ended up slipping in a river and didn’t have time to change. Lucas didn’t like the state he was in and decided not to give him the part.

He was named after his mother’s ex-boyfriend, twice

Misha isn’t Collins’ real name. It’s an adorable nickname. Well, adorable for his mother and not so much his father. Collins’ real name is Dmitri Tippens Krushnic. While his mother was studying in Russia, she had a boyfriend called Dmitri, who was known as Mischa by his friends.

Needless to say, Collins’ father wasn’t the most overjoyed at his son being named after an ex-boyfriend twice over. But he rolled with it.

Where did the surname Collins come from? That was his great-grandmother’s maiden name and sounded better than his own surname when going into acting.

He would do accents a lot

You’ve likely heard of the realistic Russia accent on TV shows, such as 24 and CSI, but did you know he also did accents growing up. They were so realistic that he managed to get himself in places that he shouldn’t. On occasions, his Russia accent helped him get into a concert venue and a teen’s hangout.

Interestingly, he was born and raised in Massachusetts. The name Krushnic may have been Russian, but it may also have been Polish or Ukrainian. He and his family don’t know.

Have we missed anything off the list? Is there a Misha fact that you know and everyone seems surprised about hearing? Share in the comments below.

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