When are we likely to hear about Supernatural Season 14?

Photo Credit: Supernatural/The CW by Jack Rowand Acquired from CW PR
Photo Credit: Supernatural/The CW by Jack Rowand Acquired from CW PR /

By this time last year fans knew Supernatural Season 13 was happening.

There are still plenty of people questioning about the future of Supernatural. Right now, there are extremely high chances that Season 14 is happening, but there’s been no official confirmation. Many expected the news about the renewal to have broken by now, as last year fans already knew Season 13 was definitely going to happen.

It brings up the question about when we’ll hear about a new season. Why haven’t we already heard about it?

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The focus is on Wayward Sisters right now

The CW knows that if news about Supernatural Season 14 broke now, the focus on Wayward Sisters would be over. Right now, there’s a huge push to get the spin-off out there. The is something The CW thinks could work and the network wants to make sure you’re blasted with as much news about it as possible.

There are various clues to this. Most winter premieres would have one, maybe two, promo trailers. The Wayward Sisters backdoor pilot has had three so far! There’s also plenty of news coverage and vloggers, like Alana King, covering the series.

So, that is likely why the news hasn’t been confirmed just yet. The CW doesn’t want to take the focus away from the spin-off. You may have also noticed renewals and cancellations for all shows has been held off this year.

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A renewal could come with a spin-off pick-up

There is the possibility that The CW is waiting to see how Wayward Sisters does. The network will likely want to announce Season 14 with the pick-up of the spin-off. This means waiting until the episode has aired and to analyze the figures. It’s unclear just which figures the network will use though, but Live + Same Day is standard.

The network may want to look at the social ratings and figures through the CW App. These figures come out soon after the airing of the episode, so it shouldn’t take too long to collect the details and decide what to do with the series.

What the network will need to do is determine when the show would air. Will Wayward be a fall or midseason show? This will depend on the viewing figures.

Keeping the Supernatural Season 14 renewal and Wayward pick-up together makes sense. The two shows go hand-in-hand and will have mostly the same fanbase.

Anytime now!

The CW is likely waiting to decide on Wayward first, but the confirmation of Season 14 could happen anytime now. The last five years have seen confirmations take place between January and March. While Season 13 was confirmed in January 2016, Season 12 didn’t get a confirmation until March 2015. A later confirmation doesn’t mean anything bad for the series, as most networks won’t make their renewal decisions until March-May.

Fans will likely find out by mid-March whether Supernatural Season 14 is a go. They’ll also likely find out if Wayward Sisters has been picked up. There’s a strong expectation for both, so confirmation of both at the same time makes a lot of sense.

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Are you excited about Wayward Sisters? Do you just want Supernatural Season 14 news already? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Supernatural airs the Wayward Sisters backdoor pilot on Jan. 18 at 8/7c on The CW.