First look at Brie Larson’s superhero suit in Captain Marvel movie


With filming on Captain Marvel now underway, it’s no surprise to see new images leak off set. The latest featuring Brie Larson in what appears to be a super-suit. It’s unlike her Air Force get up, which means this is likely Carol Danver’s final costume.

As mentioned above, Captain Marvel is currently filming scenes featuring Carol Danvers (Brie Larson). Earlier this week, our first glimpse at Larson in an Air Force suit was released, giving fans the impression of Danvers solely being a member of the armed forces. Now however, it appears as if that suit was just a precursor to Danvers’ actual suit.

In a new batch of images, Brie Larson was spotted in a different suit, one laden in black and green. The new suit also brandishes the Captain Marvel insignia front and center, so this is obviously going to be Danvers’ main suit. Check out the images below:

While the origin of Danvers’ suit are still unknown, its design looks similar to that of Ant-Man from Ant-Man And The Wasp. Even the wrist-guards they wear share similar designs. So, there’s a chance they share a similar origin. Keep in mind that we don’t know where Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) will receive his new costume from either, which means we can’t confirm with certainty the origins of Danvers’ suit. However, another theory floating around may have uncovered where Danvers’ superhero costume comes from.

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Did Carol Danvers receive her suit from the Kree, Skrull, or somewhere else?

In case you haven’t been keeping up, Captain Marvel will feature a Skrull heavy plot. They’re reportedly going to be staging some type of “secret invasion” but will also find themselves on the front lines taking on Carol Danvers. The reason their interactions with one another are important is because Danvers might’ve stolen a suit from them.

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Assuming Danvers finds herself in need of something more durable than an Air Force jump-suit, borrowing a space suit might be necessary. Or, perhaps it doesn’t belong to the Skrull but rather the Kree. The comics have depicted the Kree in similar looking suits, so it’s not too far-fetched to believe.

Regardless of its origins, Carol Danvers’ superhero costume is going to be one of much intrigue. Either because fans truly like the design or they really, really hate it. In either case, this may only be one of multiple suits Brie Larson will wear. With that in mind, we should probably hold off on making a judgement until more details are released.

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Captain Marvel premieres March 6, 2019

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