9 Netflix Originals coming in February that you must watch

Photo credit: Scott Patrick Green/Netflix via Netflix Media Center, Everything Sucks
Photo credit: Scott Patrick Green/Netflix via Netflix Media Center, Everything Sucks /
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Altered Carbon, coming to and leaving Netflix in February
Photo Credit: Altered Carbon/Netflix Image Acquired from Netflix Press Center /

With a new month comes new, must watch, Netflix Orignal content.

Netflix is continuing with their recent trend of producing original content that is vastly better than their competitors. With other streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Hulu snapping away at their heals, Netflix has certainly come to realise that original content is the key to their survival.

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And they have reacted fast and reacted well to that pressure. Producing more and better original content has now clearly become the streaming giants main focus, as we have recently had more and more of this being delivered.

Whatever it is they are doing, they are doing it right. Bright was their most recent big original content release. The big-budget action crime fantasy film starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton was released just before Christmas and caused much debate. Slammed by critics but received well by fans it has raised the question of whether critics are really in touch with what fans think?

Netflix themselves have supported and defended the film from day one, with a sequel confirmed to be in the works. This type of commitment shows that Netflix is clearly focused on their original content more than anything else. So with that in mind, the original content is where it is at now and it what you should be looking forward to the most.

So what Netflix Originals are on the way? What original content are the ones to look out for in February 2018?