The Brave: Fans desperately fighting for second season renewal

Photo Credit: The Brave/NBC, Lewis Jacobs Image Acquired from NBC Media Village
Photo Credit: The Brave/NBC, Lewis Jacobs Image Acquired from NBC Media Village /

Fans of The Brave desperately want a second season renewal. In fact, they’ve gone to great lengths to tell the NBC brass about it.

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Around election time, people shared messages with how to reach a Senator, Governor, etc. When a new bill is proposed, various groups blast the message across the internet to garner support. The same approach has recently been applied to get cancellations reversed.

Similarly, fans of The Brave are ensuring their voice is heard. What grew from a hashtag (i.e. #RenewTheBrave) is now a movement. There are currently over 2,300 signatures on the petition to save the show, and the effort is growing.

The Brave
Photo Credit: The Brave/NBC, Lewis Jacobs Image Acquired from NBC Media Village /

The movement has a website and more.

Yes, there is an entire website with followers dedicated to ensuring the renewal of The Brave. encourages fans to essentially flood NBC with everything short of Morse code and smoke signal in order for the show to get the second season it deserves. Aside from the fact “SaveTheBrave” has a better ring to it, there appears to be nothing lacking to their efforts. Their Twitter game isn’t quite up to Wendy’s fame, but they are pretty active.

Make that two websites.

The simple fact that two websites are up and devoted to this show is one thing. An additional site with fan art and fan fiction, however, is a completely different issue. is the second site to support the thrilling show.

How this incredibly acted, emotional roller coaster of a show is not already renewed has left just about every fan with the same feeling:

The amazing cast deserves a renewal.

Cpt. Adam Dalton (Mike Vogel) is incredibly compelling as the troubled leader who fears for his team’s safety & camaraderie while trying appease Depute Director Campbell (Anne Heche). Jaz (Natacha Karam) is great as the designated sniper and firebrand. Furthermore, the sexual tension between the two can’t be left unresolved. Correspondingly, the same tension between Campbell’s operations team – Hannah (Sofia Pernas) and Noah (Tate Ellington) – is easy to see. Those pork rinds are only going to satisfy Noah for so long.

The rest of the team is similarly amazing in their own way, even if they haven’t been fully fleshed out. If anything, that’s even more reason for the second season. Fans know there needs to be more back-story. There is just so much potential.

The trailer for the first season set the tone, and the team never took the foot off the gas.

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Until The Brave is renewed, we’ll all continue to crave The Brave and binge watch (#BraveBinging) the series over and over.

The Brave is currently in NBC renewal purgatory, torturing devoted fans worldwide with hopes of a second season.