Kung Fu Panda fans will love this Lunar New Year celebration at Universal

Photo by: David Sprague/Universal Studios Hollywood, acquired from NBC Media Site
Photo by: David Sprague/Universal Studios Hollywood, acquired from NBC Media Site /

Step into Po’s village from Kung Fu Panda to celebrate Lunar New Year! Here’s what you need to know about Universal Studio Hollywood’s newest special event.

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Universal Studios Hollywood isn’t only a theme park, but a working studio lot for television and feature films. The studios’ movies completely take over the themed areas, rides and other attractions throughout the park, and this February, Universal Studios Hollywood is celebrating Lunar New Year with the help of one of its most popular animated films: Kung Fu Panda.

And Universal is going all out on the event in Universal Plaza, including a new pop-up restaurant, new shows, interactive classes and special character meet and greets. Po and Tigress from Kung Fu Panda are available for photos in the plaza, along with the lovable minions from Despicable Me. But the coolest character interaction is definitely Megatron from the Transformers series, who’s able to have live conversations with fans in Mandarin!

Kung Fu Panda
Photo by: David Sprague/Universal Studios Hollywood, acquired from NBC Media Site /

Top 5 must-do activities at Lunar New Year:

1) Train to be a Dragon Warrior at the “Kung Fu Academy”

One of the new shows at this pop-up theater will put you in Kung Fu Panda’s Dragon Warrior training academy. Do you think you have what it takes to complete the training?

2) Talk with Mr. Ping at his noodle shop (and eat noodles!)

Mr. Ping’s has set up shop to cook noodles and other treats, and he’s very enthusiastic about meeting his biggest fans. While one side of the shop is a counter for actually ordering take-out food, the other side features the famous Mr. Ping, who’s excited to meet his patrons and talk with them!

3) Share your wish for the new year

Universal Plaza has several decorative wish stations where you can write your wish for the new year on paper and hang it on one of the gorgeous plum blossom trees. Not only are the trees themselves gorgeous, but you can also read others’ wishes and feel inspired.

Kung Fu Panda
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4) Take a class at Feng the Palace Artist’s stand

You don’t often get the chance to get an art lesson at a theme park, but expert animation artists are teaching classes throughout the day and helping fans draw some of their favorite characters. And don’t worry, you won’t need paper, pencils or a drawing board — all materials are provided.

5) Enjoy a live storytelling performance at the Jade Palace

After you’ve explored all that the plaza has to offer, be sure to catch the live, interactive story-telling show that teaches families the “Tale of the Lunar New Year.”

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Universal Studios’ Lunar New Year special event will take place during regular park hours from until February 25th!