Days of our Lives spoilers: Stefan’s shocking discovery is just the start of his journey with Abigail

Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Babes For Boobs
Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Babes For Boobs /

It is all about to get a little weird this week after Stefan discovers something strange about Abigail.

Is this a case of mistaken identity this week on Days of our Lives when Stefan discovers a woman who looks an awful lot like Gabi in his room? Not only that, but she has the murder weapon in her hand that was used to kill Andre. She was about to plant the urn lid in Stefan’s room to make it look like he was the killer. However, Stefan caught her in the act and he quickly discovered something shocking.

Is that you, Abigail?

Stefan was quite confused at the end of Friday’s episode of Days of our Lives when the brunette woman whom he thought was Gabi turned around to face him. She was not Gabi. This woman was Abigail dressed up as Gabi and telling him that she is Gabi. Or is it ‘Gabby?’ A little confusing? Stefan thought so, too. He also realized that she is the one who offed Andre.

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Abigail seems to be confused on what is going on, so this story line strongly hints that it will be a case of split personality disorder. People in Salem are leaning towards the killer being Stefan, but he now knows the truth and is trying to get answers on what is going on. Will he be able to keep the suspicion off of himself?

According to Days of our Lives spoilers from Soap Central, Stefan will be quite involved in Abigail’s life. Unfortunately, her husband Chad will not want him around. He is one who believes that Stefan is involved in the murder of Andre. Little does he know that it is sort of true, but not directly since Stefan will begin to get involved in this whole Abigail/Gabby ordeal.

Who is Gabby?

Marci Miller, who is now playing the dual role as Abigail/Gabby, dished some details to Soap Opera Digest about this new adventure on Days of our Lives. She said that this dual role was totally unexpected, but she is thrilled to be taking on the challenge.

She also explained a little bit on who Gabby is. She called her selfish and sneaky, but she is expected to go through some changes eventually. She will also have a little help from Stefan. He has strong feelings for Abigail, so this will be a challenge for him as well.

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Gabby uses her sensual side to try to manipulate the situation with Stefan. Will he resist the temptation? You may be surprised!

Keep watching to see what happens between these two as Days of our Lives airs every weekday on NBC.