Amazing Race winners revealed: How did the Big Brother 19 duo do?

The Amazing Race winners were revealed Wednesday night (February 21). On the season finale of the 30th installment, Team Big Brother made it all the way to the final challenge. In another puzzle to help decide who would win $1 million, it was Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf who emerged as the winners. They worked really well together during that final episode.

If CBS isn’t already planning to air a live wedding of Cody and Jessica, the couple now has the means to pay for it with the $1 million prize. As previously reported on Inside the BB House, Cody and Jessica recently got engaged. It is now clear that the couple already had something to celebrate. They did a great job at keeping this a secret. Even while doing public interviews about their relationship.

The Amazing Race winners

When it was revealed by CBS that Cody and Jessica were appearing on The Amazing Race, a lot of Big Brother fans were intrigued by what it could mean. After struggling during Big Brother 19, this was a chance for the couple to redeem themselves in front of a national television audience. By becoming winners of The Amazing Race, it appears that they have done exactly that. They certainly have a lot of bragging rights when compared to past contestants.

Big Brother alums on The Amazing Race

Former Big Brother houseguests Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder appeared on the 16th installment of The Amazing Race. They were newly dating during their appearance and ended up finishing in seventh place.

Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly did a bit better during season 20, making it all the way to the season finale. They finished in third place, though, coming up just short of the big cash prize.

Now, the title of Amazing Race winners is reserved just for Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf, who have certainly elevated their social media profiles recently. If there ends up being another Big Brother: All-Stars season, they may now be on the short list of possible invitees. With success from another show, it could bring even more eyes to CBS.