5 best moments in Vikings Season 5A


Vikings Season 5 may be in the middle of a hiatus, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look back at some of the amazing moments in the season so far.

Vikings is the first full season without Ragnar Lothbrok and it certainly hasn’t felt the same. However, it has still had some brilliant moments. As much as you know Ivar the Boneless is the antagonist of the season, he’s an excellent military mind and charisma when it comes to battle that you just can’t help but keep your eyes glued to him. Meanwhile, Bjorn has stepped up to start filling his father’s shoes and Hvitserk has started to command more screen time.

The season has certainly had some of the most exciting moments in the last year or so. It focused on the civil war between brothers, as they found themselves torn in the battle for Kattegat and the need for revenge.

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As we wait for Vikings Season 5B to premiere, it’s time to look back at the season so far. Here are the top five moments of Vikings Season 5A so far.

#5. Heahmund and Ivar prove they are of the same mind

From the beginning of the season we were warned that heahmund and Ivar had similar minds. They both believed in their own religions and hated one another. Their whole bodies hated each other, and it was soon clear that they had similar strategies. While they didn’t think exactly like one another, they could mostly guess what the other was up to.

In the end, Ivar outsmarted Heahmund, just like he did all the rest. It would only be Bjorn who could outsmart his brother (more on that soon).

Yet, Heahmund had a mind to survive. He made a choice to get out of chains and eventually gain his revenge on Ivar. Well, sort of. That revenge is still to come.

#4. King Athelwulf finally let Judith know he loved her

While he didn’t say it outright, it was clear in the end that the troubles between Athelwulf and Judith were water under the bridge. As Athelwulf lay on his death bed, he continued to view both his boys as his sons. This could have been the perfect chance to denounce Alfred, but he refused to do so.

Photo Credit: Vikings/History Channel by Jonathan Hession Image Acquired from A&E Networks Press
Photo Credit: Vikings/History Channel by Jonathan Hession Image Acquired from A&E Networks Press /

His last look was towards Judith, who was clearly saddened at the loss of Athelwulf. It’s a shame that we didn’t get more time on the two characters. Their relationship was one of expectation and need at the time and then turned into requirement for Aethelred. This moment at the end was needed to know that it wasn’t all hatred between the two.

#3. Alfred share his thoughts

Alfred the Great is the man known for defending his country against the Vikings. The Last Kingdom has focused on this more, but Vikings is getting there. Season 5 is seeing Alfred become the king that he will go down in history as being; the savior.

One of the moments that showed this was when Alfred decided to go to Lindesfarne. He made it clear to the monk that the current sermons and actions were inadequate. Alfred realized that change was needed, but nobody would listen. Now that he’s king, this will be his chance to see that change happen to help prevent the Great Heathen Army from taking over the next time they come to Britain.

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#2. Bjorn and Halfdan fail spectacularly at being bodyguards

I’m not sure whether it was just their poor attempt at their jobs, Halfdan’s face when eating the man he was supposed to be guarding (yes, literally!), or the situation as a whole in the Mediterranean. One thing is for certain, though, the two characters made terrible bodyguards and it was fun to watch.

Photo Credit: Vikings/History Channel by Jonathan Hession Image Acquired from A&E Networks Press
Photo Credit: Vikings/History Channel by Jonathan Hession Image Acquired from A&E Networks Press /

This Mediterranean storyline has so much more to cover. It’s going to be interesting to see if Bjorn will ever go back and it was certainly fitting that Halfdan saw himself in the desert when it came to his death.

One thing that certainly helped making this storyline one of the best was that we finally saw more of Halfdan. He stepped out of his brother’s shadow and got more chance to grow as a character. If only that could continue for Vikings Season 5B.

#1. Bjorn learning from Ivar

Ivar’s tactics in York were certainly excellent, but they were battle tactics. Anyone with a good warrior mind would have been able to come up with something similar. Bjorn actually showed his ability to learn from his brother’s tactics previously. He’d watched how Ivar would scout ahead and set up traps.

Watching Ivar’s army get separated and ambushed was everything the series needed at the time. It was almost impossible to tell which side that fight would go. Ivar was left retreating and needed to come up with a new plan. If it wasn’t for Hvitserk bringing in the Frankish forces, would Ivar have been able to come up with a better battle plan?

Now that the Frankish are involved, it’s time for Rollo’s return. While that’s a great moment, he was only on screen for about 30 seconds. He will be one to watch for in Season 5B.

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What were your favorite moments of Vikings Season 5A? Share them in the comments below.

Vikings Season 5B premieres sometime later in 2018.