Roseanne character update: Becky Conner, sister and wife

Roseanne returns to ABC. What is in store for us? Let’s check in on Becky Conner…

It’s not every day you get to see something you cherished growing up come back to you after it’s gone. Roseanne returning to network television is not only a blessing, but to have the original cast is more than exciting.

Since the debut return is on March 27, I decided to timeline the original characters from where they first started to where it will continue to go. Bringing in those that we fondly remember, Roseanne, Dan, D.J., Becky, Darlene, and Jackie. I will also touch on those that drove the story forward: David, Crystal, and Beverly (Roseanne’s mom).

In one last tribute, I will bring in the minor characters that will also be coming back: Anne-Marie, Chucky, Nancy, and the second Becky, who will now be the surrogate to the original. Then the newcomers, Mary (DJ’s daughter), Mark (Darlene and David’s son), and Harris (Darlene and David’s daughter).

Next up, Becky…

Rebecca “Becky” Conner Healy is the oldest child and sister to Darlene, DJ, and Jerry. Growing up in a lower-income family was not easy for her. She loves to shop and buy fantastic dresses that always stretch the family bank account.

Becky is a stereotypical girl when it comes to social and self-care. She wants the latest fashions and needs to look pretty for the boys. However, she is a strong woman and knows how to stand her ground. A knowledgeable person, who has always strived for the best at school. She will make the sacrifice to do what is right.

Becky is a matriarchial type. Stepping in for her mother when away. Feeding her family and doing the house chores. Her altruism lacks when something doesn’t go her way. Throwing tantrums, being stubborn, and doing what she feels is best for her. Dating Mark Healy is one example. Mark isn’t respectable and has given up on life. Basically, the worst person a parent could hope for their daughter.

Other times, you can see that she understands the basic life needs. For instance, she gets a job as a cashier and the local Buy and Bag to earn money for a car. She won’t get pushed around and will fight for Mark even though her parents forbid her from seeing him.

Her relationship with her parents swung. At first, Becky was continually sharing moments with her mother. A way to go to the mall and hang out while talking about boys. Roseanne was her guide through adolescence. She is her daddy’s princess.

As she grew older the more stubborn and aggravated, she became. Fragmenting the relationship with her parents. Becky persists that her parents favor her siblings. Throwing fits when Darlene gets praise for her one “B” while she consistently brings in “A’s.” DJ getting a video game because he wants it and she can’t get a car for the same reason.

As for her siblings, it was typical. Fight most of the time, but be there when it counted. Her aunt Jackie was a refuge. She leans on Jackie as a sounding board when she can’t talk to her mother.

Even though she and Mark did not always get along, they remained relatively faithful to each other. Being there when times were not comfortable. Also following him to Minnesota where he received work.

In season ten, we find out that Becky is now working as a waitress in a Mexican restaurant and may like the margaritas a little too much. She has a child already, but hires actress Sarah Chalke, who played the second Becky, as a surrogate for her second.

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Roseanne Season 10, episode 1, premieres March 27 on ABC.