iZombie Season 4, Episode 1 review: Are You Ready for Some Zombies?

Photo credit: iZombie/The CW by Bettina Strauss, Acquired via The CW PR
Photo credit: iZombie/The CW by Bettina Strauss, Acquired via The CW PR /

Are You Ready for Some Zombies? Are you? iZombie is back. Seattle has changed. The world has changed. But Liv, Ravi, Clive, Peyton, Blaine and Major have to change to the new world order. Z-Day has come and gone, the secret is out. How will Season 4 go?

The world has changed, Fillmore Graves runs Seattle. A wall is placed around the city, locking in the zombie population in with the humans. There are food (*cough* brain) shortages, families getting ripped apart, jobs lost, and the threat of a government intervention hanging over the city.

With all of that taking place Liv is forced to take on American Football Brain, to solve the mystery of what happened to a zombie brain factory worker. Said brain also belonged to someone who was very, very anti-zombie. After having some very delicious looking Brain Fritters (with a lot of hot chili sauce, of course), she is stuck being a very passionate Seahawks fan.

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What is quite clever about the premiere is that it uses each of the characters to sum up whats going on in the world with just simple looks and dialogue. Major is dealing with guarding the wall, combating the anti-zombie group the Dead Enders and working within Fillmore Graves trying to do right by him. He has also taken on some kids, reverting back to his parental/counselor role of Season 1.

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Photo credit: iZombie/The CW by Bettina Strauss, Acquired via The CW PRChase Graves wants to keep order, bringing in a quite frightening guillotine to help his case (Jason Dohring doing steller work although he is still Logan Eccles to me). Blaine is trying to make money, trying to survive in a warlike Seattle; running The Scratching Post with Don E and a high-end restuarant. Bozzio and Clive look to be over. I mean she is a zombie so that makes sense, and I wouldn’t want Clive to ever turn (note to writers, don’t EVER turn Clive). Peyton also shows up briefly, and from the preseason hints we have heard it’ll be good to see her not just be the affections of Blaine and Ravi and actually become something more than an “object.”

In the credits Blaine’s Dad, Angus, is called “The Prophet.” After escaping the well, thank you Dino, he is now sporting a crazy beard and sounds like he is shouting nonsense. However, the last scene indicates that he will be taking on a more “cult leader” role.

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Finally, Ravi. The biggest breath-hold between the break between seasons was what became of Ravi after taking the vaccine and having Liv scratch him. He seems to be his usual self, only with the added bonus of shifting in and out of zombie-ism. It is great seeing Rahul Kohli add another layer to fan-favorite Ravi. Oh, and he’s naked; so thank you for Naturist Physics Brain.

There are little plot threads in “Are You Ready for Some Zombies?” that will undoubtedly set up the outgoings of iZombie Season 4. Whether it is the Seattle warzone, the zombie cult, the vaccine, or the tension between humans and zombies, there is a lot to unpack over the next 12 episodes.

iZombie Season 4 continues Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.